It’s Training Time!

Karl Hoagland

Training is the real litmus test for ultrarunners, because you simply can’t do this sport without putting in tons of miles over several months. Progress is measured in slow increments, and you won’t really know if all the effort is paying off until mon

March 2015

  • Training for the Long Run
  • Wool Running Apparel Review
  • Modeling Values in the Ultra Community
  • The Race Is the Reward
  • Fat Burning: A How-to Guide
  • Ultrarunning and Burnout
  • The Rise of the Running Camp
  • The Real Badwater
  • A Purpose for Every Run

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Recent Features


Elisa Forti: Eighty Years Young

At 80 years of age, Elisa crossed the finish line of ‘El Cruce’earlier this month. She had run for three days, crossing from Argentina to Chile, through the Andes mountains.

Dean Karnazes

Inspiration Never Rusts

The word inspiration has almost become cliché these days. It’s so overused the true meaning has been diluted and cheapened. Yet there’s no denying that the words others say to us can have the power to, well, inspire.


Big Brad Ultras – Someone Else’s Sandwich

I guess running the race you also direct is like having someone else make you a sandwich. Or like being a guest at your own dinner party. The food tastes better, the people seem more interesting, the presentation more inspiring.


Marijuana and Ultrarunning? Just Keep Digging

The Wall Street Journal published an article this week stoking a debate within the ultra-running community, about using Marijuana. On the surface it’s an easy question to answer: THC is a performance enhancing drug and is illegal over specified levels in competition, so using it is cheating. Cheating is unethical. Case closed.


The Stereotypical Ultrarunner

I have noticed non-runners beginning to lump all ultrarunners into one homogenous group – a new stereotype of sorts. There are a few traits that are commonly attributed to ALL ultrarunners that I really feel are inaccurate. To set the record straight, here are some of the most egregious ones.

Ryan Smith cruises during the Zane Grey 50 Mile. Photo: Megan Powers Galope

Quick & Dirty: Interview with SOB Winner, Ryan Smith

Matt talks with the 2015 SOB 100k winner, Ryan Smith. Ryan discusses how the race went, what his plans are for the rest of the year and a group he and his wife created; Rocky Mountain Runners.


UltraTraveler: The London Scenic Route

London is flush with idyllic gardens, grand estates and impressive buildings, bridges and museums. Many of the city’s treasures can be absorbed, although perhaps not fully appreciated, after just a few minutes of viewing. If you want to see some of the iconic highlights of London quickly and efficiently, consider the London Scenic Route.

Ellie Greenwood

The Newcomers Guide to Running An Ultra

If any of you are relatively new to running ultras, here are my top tips to ensure that you have fun and success at your ultras and come back wanting more!


2014 50k Average Finishing Times by Age Group

After last weeks chart, we had some requests to look at average finishing times based on age group. Here are the 50k average times based on age group and gender.

Clausen with The North Face teammate Rory Bosio. Photo: Hillary Guelfi

Quick & Dirty: Kelsie Clausen and Jared Hazen

The Quick & Dirty is a new column on by Matt Flaherty. The column will report on breakout performances, top age group performances, new talent on the trails, and other compelling stories from ultrarunners around North America.


Average Finishing Times for 2014

A look at the average finishing times for 50k, 50 Mile, 100k and 100 Mile distances across all age groups for 2014.