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Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Heart Rate Homework

The key to getting the most out of using a heart rate monitor is understanding that your heart is unique. While there is a wide range of possibilities to use your heart rate monitor for your training and racing, I recommend starting simply.

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Beer as an anti-inflammatory?

I need an expert opinion on this running/beer question. I’ve heard that beer acts as an anti-inflammatory. Have you ever had a “cold one” after a hard run? Do you think it aids in your recovery?

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Taper Crazies

I’m suffering. Help. I think it’s an extreme case of something they call “taper crazies.” I know I should be tapering for a 100-mile, but I’m out there turning out big volume. How do you fight off the taper crazies? How much is too much? What should the ideal taper look like going into a

Ask Ann: Downhill Training

Dear Ann, Now that WS100 lottery is done, and a few of us are in and needing to plan our training we realize that it entails quite a bit of downhill running. As a 14-time winner, what did you do to train for downhills? What can you advise us to prepare for the downhill portions