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Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Other Little Things

Of all the ‘other things’ than just running to train and prepare for & racing ultras, what single thing should one add to one’s regimen?

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Prize Money in Ultrarunning

Ann, With new “championship” races popping up and new race series on the scene, what are your thoughts about prize money in ultrarunning? Is it a good thing? Should it increase?   Dear Alan, The growth of the prize money and “championship” races is definitely a hot topic in the beloved ultrarunning community. It is

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Heart Rate Homework, Part 2

Last month I described some fun ways to get to know your new training partner, your heart rate monitor! The goal this month is to let your training partner explore ways to elevate your training and racing to the next level. Wake Up Heart Rate Over the course of the last month, I hope you’ve

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Heart Rate Homework

The key to getting the most out of using a heart rate monitor is understanding that your heart is unique. While there is a wide range of possibilities to use your heart rate monitor for your training and racing, I recommend starting simply.

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Beer as an anti-inflammatory?

I need an expert opinion on this running/beer question. I’ve heard that beer acts as an anti-inflammatory. Have you ever had a “cold one” after a hard run? Do you think it aids in your recovery?

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Taper Crazies

I’m suffering. Help. I think it’s an extreme case of something they call “taper crazies.” I know I should be tapering for a 100-mile, but I’m out there turning out big volume. How do you fight off the taper crazies? How much is too much? What should the ideal taper look like going into a