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Gary Cantrell

View from the Open Road: Behind the Sticks

The first good advice that most of us receive, regarding the running of an ultramarathon, is to “break it down” into manageable pieces. And good advice it is. Once the discomfort starts to take hold, it can be quite overwhelming to think about all that remains, and runners will quit, when a finish is easily

Gary Cantrell

You Might Be An Ultrarunner If …

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, but, just as there are Americans, and Southerners, there are runners, and ultrarunners, and:


The Night Before

What am I doing here? And why did I decide that this was the race to “go for it?” Now I just wish I were at home between my own sheets with hyperactive bladder and bowels and cold sweaty feet and hands. Most of all, I wish that tomorrow held something other than an early rise and a day of exceedingly painful effort. Ah, well. close the eyes, breath deeply, and please, please, go to sleep.

Gerardo Ramirez and Rene Villalobos demonstrate ultra camaraderie at Heartland 100. Photo by Rick Kent/Mile 90 Photography

The Boring Ultrarunner

Your great victories seldom make entertaining stories. What people want to hear about are your appalling errors and grievous miscalculations.

Gary Cantrell

The Borg

As best I can tell, the GPS mile is somewhere between eight and nine tenths of a mile as measured by a steel tape, a wheel, a surveyor or even a laser beam. Even at a race held on a paved, certified, one-mile loop, the race director was accosted by runners during the event, swearing that the loop distance was far more than a mile… their GPS measurements proved it.


Heart Of A Champion

From the greenest novice, to the most seasoned veteran, as ultrarunners, each of us has an ambition of reaching our potential. Whether our goal is to simply achieve a finish at a distance we have never before reached, to complete a signature race, run our personal best time, or even to set records and win