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Getting Lost

The surprise isn’t that ultrarunners get lost once in a while. The surprise is that they’re not all lost all the time. Imagine marking 30 to 100 miles of remote trail for a bunch of strangers who are mostly clueless about the area in such a way that not a single one of them is


Race Preview Miwok 100K

The Miwok 100K is a longstanding ultrarunning classic for good reason. It draws a big field (450 entrants) and it’s competitive (past winners include Scott Jurek, Nikki Kimball, Hal Koerner, Anton Kupicka, Dave Mackey, Kami Semick, and Ann Trason). It’s also challenging with 12,000 feet of elevation change packed into its 61 miles and unpredictable weather.

Author and friend energetically managing their ultra lifestyles (Photo Robert Josephs)

Managing The Ultra Lifestyle

One way or another, we all face the need to reconcile our running passion with what is going on in the rest of our lives. We have to find a lifestyle that equitably balances running goals with obligations to friends, family, work, and other interests. There’s no escaping the fact that ultrarunning requires a significant

Negotiating Rough Trails

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and perfecting your rough trail running skills will lead to better racing and might just save you an unpleasant trip to the hospital.

Running Through the Night

Ultrarunning is full of intense and vivid experiences. Think of padding down a trail through a foggy drizzle all alone, deep in a redwood forest. Think of pushing yourself up a steep slope one step at a time, utterly beat up and just this side of quitting. Think of the moment you turn that last

Preparing for Your First 100-Mile Race

Sooner or later most ultrarunners hear the siren call of the 100-mile run. It seems to be the distance that defines ultrarunners. It sure is the distance that elevates us in most people’s minds from being merely obsessed with running to being certifiable nutcases. But nutty is the last thing you feel like when you