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Negotiating Rough Trails

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and perfecting your rough trail running skills will lead to better racing and might just save you an unpleasant trip to the hospital.

Running Through the Night

Ultrarunning is full of intense and vivid experiences. Think of padding down a trail through a foggy drizzle all alone, deep in a redwood forest. Think of pushing yourself up a steep slope one step at a time, utterly beat up and just this side of quitting. Think of the moment you turn that last

Preparing for Your First 100-Mile Race

Sooner or later most ultrarunners hear the siren call of the 100-mile run. It seems to be the distance that defines ultrarunners. It sure is the distance that elevates us in most people’s minds from being merely obsessed with running to being certifiable nutcases. But nutty is the last thing you feel like when you

Getting Through Your First Ultra

January is always a good time to figure out your running goals for the coming year. One thing to think about while you’re fiddling with your New Year’s resolutions and sitting next to a warm fire under a down comforter is whether to add this entry to the list: Finish my first ultra. If you

Cross Training – How and Why

Newcomers to our sport often find that their enthusiasm for ultrarunning knows no bounds. They happily contemplate years of nothing but running. They’re spinning in a positive feedback loop like a hamster in an exercise wheel. Train, train, train. Run, run, run. Race, race, race. They might be well-advised, however, to hold their horses just

Aid Station Expertise

One of the great joys of ultrarunning is arriving at a long-anticipated aid station. It can be salvation, pure and simple. Friendly voices and helping hands reach out to you. Everything you need to replenish yourself is right at hand. You load up and you’re ready for the next section of trail. At least, that’s