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On Not Finishing

I’m not going to give my story or my excuses, or place blame or defend myself. I didn’t finish. Those are the only words it needs. I didn’t finish, and I went home crying in the middle of the night, showered crying in the middle of the night and fell asleep crying and cramping in the middle of the night. When I woke up, I told my family and apologized. I was embarrassed and ashamed and exhausted, physically and emotionally.

BPAC 6 Hour Race Report

by Carl Pegels, Race Director Emeritus Ultrarunning is still alive in the Western New York area. This year’s 6-hour race is in its 35th year. The first ultra race in Buffalo was a 50-mile race in 1980, which has since changed to the 6-hour format. The current race director, Sue Devlin has been doing an

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How To Increase Your Walking Efficiency

Mention race walking to a runner or ultramarathoner and they usually have one of two reactions: they laugh and mock the hip-wiggling, much-maligned Olympic event, or they speak of it with respect either from trying it themselves or because they were passed late in a race by a steady-paced heel-to-toer.

Inaugural Snake River Island Hop

by Shir Regev, RD If you measure the success of a run simply by the number of entrants, the inaugural Snake River Island Hop (SRIH) was a monumental failure with only 16 paid runners (and a freeloading Race Director).  However, if you change your rubric to the ratio of collective wins and personal victories to

Lt. JC Stone 50K 2014 Race Report

by Lou D’Angelo, RD All week the forecast called for rain, so we were ready for it when it DIDN’T RAIN! I was one happy race director. The 2014 Lt. JC Stone 50K had record sign-ups and the largest field ever. We had 106 register and 89 make it to the start. This year we had

Spring Thaw Tune-up – Glacier Ridge

by Victor E. Vouga Trying to predict weather conditions for an early spring race in Western Pennsylvania is an elusive and ultimately unfruitful exercise, even though it never dissuades me from repeatedly scouring the ten-day forecasts prior to race day. In getting ready for the 2014 Glacier Ridge Trail Ultramarathon and Trail Race, I was