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Running Across the Sky

Colorado is an oasis of spectacular natural beauty in the middle of thousands of miles of high desert to the west and flat plains to the east. Right at the heart of this beauty is Leadville, with its high alpine terrain surrounded by lower slopes of huge aspen groves mixed with a variety of conifers.


Off the Grid and Super Moosey: Back to Nature at Vermont’s Peak Ultra

I’m equally thankful, however, for races in our sport that are still off the grid. For races, that is, like the Peak Ultra, where the key take-away from the RD’s pre-race meeting is that the terrain you’ll be passing through is, “suuuuuper moosey.”

Hells Hills 2015 at Rocky Hill Ranch

by Chris McWatters The weeks leading up to the race brought a lot of rain and intermittent heat. After everyone watched on, trying to guess the weather forecast for the race weekend, we ended up with a fantastic day! Overcast, not too hot, not too cold. The runners enjoyed a nice challenge with a pretty


No shirt, Trail Shoes…..No Problem!

by Alyssa Godesky The 11th annual Bel Monte Endurance Races took place during a perfect spring day in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This came as a much needed escape after a winter of snow and freezing temperatures for most of the participants who trained in the region. With temperatures comfortably in the 50s at the start,

Filtering water from a stream in the Shawangunks

A Manifesto for Minimalist Races

Last year, my friend Todd Jennings and I organized a race to celebrate the Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT), a magical footpath that traverses the entire 74-mile length of the Shawangunk Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Cowboy Songs

By Katrin Silva I enjoy running with music. I don’t do it all the time, and never while racing. But on days when weather conditions keep me off the trails, when I run after a long day at work, when I head out with my muscles tensed into knots and negative thoughts swarming through my