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Last March of the Ents: The Tralee 100K

by Nick Liddane A Lord of the Rings-themed pub, The Shire, has just opened its doors in the midst of one of Ireland’s most scenic areas, County Kerry. One of the more enduring species which JRR Tolkien crafted in his Middle Earth anthology was the Ent. Ents are tardy, tree-like shepherds– a product of the landscape.


Cactus Rose 100

by Joe Prusaitis Cactus Rose celebrated her 8th anniv with a warmer than usual attitude, providing her usual stabs and barbs, a slice here, a cut there, until the entire field of party goers were bleeding a trail down her path. As Lynn Ballard puts it, ‘The Cactus, she cuts you up… and gets in


Strava Games

by Matthew Maynard When I was much younger, but still old enough to know better, we used to play a game involving bicycles and trespassing on private land. We would head out from my parents’ house to the top of a hill in Kent somewhere and pick a point on the horizon. We would then

Photo: Cory Reese

“It’s Not About Taking The Easy Road”: The Essence Of UltraRunning

by Dr. Duncan Simpson, Barry University As a runner and a professor of sport, exercise and performance psychology, I am fascinated by individuals who push their physical, psychological and spiritual boundaries. This led me to the sport of ultrarunning, which has come a long way, from a novel fringe sport to a highly competitive global

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One Day report

by Dylan Armajani For 24 Hours starting November 8th NJ Trail Series moved onto the pavement of the Sussex County Fairgrounds. The certified 1 mile flat loop has always brought out competition and runners looking to set PR’s.  This year was no exception… well there was one exception.  Everybody in the 24 hour division got


Records Fall At Icarus Florida UltraFest

by Andrei Nana It’s rare that everything comes together at an inaugural race. Yet when Andrei and Claire Nana — both accomplished ultra-runners — conceived of the first six day race in Florida, they had nothing less than an “international quality event” in mind. Beginning with organizing the competition on a USATF and IAAF certified