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Criss-Cross: Lying on your back draw the right knee in and extend the left leg forward. Gently place the fingertips on the back of the head and lift the head and shoulders off the mat. Inhale as you switch the legs and exhale as you extend the right leg. Keep the elbows open to the sides and lift the chest towards the opposite knee. Make this exercise about the abs. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Pilates For Runners

I have many clients who are runners and they come to me with similar stories: my lower back hurts, I tire easily, I’ve hit a wall in my training, my endurance isn’t what it used to be. Whatever the reason, I can’t wait to get them on the Pilates program to discover what their bodies are truly capable of when pounding the pavement and beyond.

The 2014 Winter Solstice Run

As the sun set on June 20, a team of runners gathered on the shore of Lake Michigan, soon to commence an expedition from the northernmost tip of Leelanau Peninsula and continue 40 miles through the shortest night of the year, toward Grand Traverse Bay. These 50 runners represented a movement of gender equality for

“Never again.” Beast of Burden

By Stacey (Arnold) Michne “I’m never doing this again.” Rash decisions should never be made immediately after crossing a finish line. I signed up on a whim, which one would think would be an action reserved solely for weekend 5ks, but indeed I registered for the Beast of Burden 100 mile ultramarathon, or “BoB” as

Eastern States 100? No, This Ain’t No Joke

By Andrew Meisler Chutzpah. That’s the word that came to mind when I saw the posting for the inaugural Eastern States 100. The RDs actually had the audacity to riff off the oldest and most venerated ultramarathon in the country? The race circumnavigates the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,” so there’s a fair degree of hyperbole

Rob Krar (Galen Burrell photo)

Rob Krar: From 100-Miles Away

By Eric Senseman Perspective—the point from which something is viewed—can make all the difference. The moon can be seen, although it is over 220,000 miles away from the earth, on a clear night—but not on an overcast night. Beautiful sunsets decorate the horizon many evenings—but they can’t be seen amid thunderstorms. One must have the

The Road to the Starting Line

For the uninitiated, for those who marvel at the idea that 50 or 100 miles of continuous running is possible, the phrase “I could never do that” is often an instant, almost involuntary reaction. “I could never do that” precedes a second common reaction, “I can barely run a 5k.” Despite how frequently I hear this reaction, it still gives me pause and makes me wonder: Why, after all, are people so fixated on finishing an ultramarathon, when the road to the starting line is where most of the journey takes place?