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Cedro Peaks: A Rare Event

I prefer to write about the races where everything goes wrong instead of right. I don’t know why. Through extensive psychoanalysis I could probably figure it out, but my self-prescribed and very effective mental health regime consists of two (or more) daily hours of running, plus regular trail races. This means I have no spare


Hilo to Volcano 50k: Another race in a beautiful place

This was my third time running the Hilo to Volcano 50K, as I had also participated in the 2004 and 2005 events. My flight from Portland, OR, arrived late Friday, January 2nd, in Hilo, Hawaii. After a few hours’ sleep, it was time to get up and ready for the 6 a.m. start. A severe


How Much Walking?

Some runners may be sensitive enough to their body’s rhythms and needs that they will instinctively know when it’s time for a walk. They are fortunate, and I don’t want to change their successful methods. Many of us, though, are fairly new to the game. and we don’t have an established sense of pace. However, it is not hard to plan and execute a race when a few simple calculations are made.

Second Annual Snake River Island Hop

by Shir Regev, Race Director The most beautiful thing about ultra-running is the emphasis placed on effort versus times.  This spirit is what makes an ultra-marathon one of the most egalitarian events you will ever see.    So even though course records were set in every event this year, I want to frame the day from


The Efficiency Factor in Running

Efficiency is a very good way of gauging a runner’s aerobic fitness. The problem is that measuring efficiency in a lab is not only inconvenient, it’s also expensive. Fortunately, there’s another way of measuring efficiency that doesn’t require a lab and can be done with common, everyday training technology.

Journey to Satisfaction

There I was. Departing the final Massanutten 100 Mile Endurance Race aid station. Most military guys start stories with “there I was” in case you didn’t know. One steep climb, a steeper downhill and the finish line was within reach. My first 100 mile ultra-marathon nearly complete. Despite the impending finish, running down this hill was agonizing. My ankle looked like a softball, a “minor” issue over the past 18 hours. The injury was not part of my race plan.