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Mt. Disappointment 50K is back

Mt. Disappointment 50K is back! The news was very welcoming to the ultrarunning community after a year of disappointing hiatus. Race directors Gary and Pam Hilliard and their band of volunteers spent numerous hours to bring the race back to its original course.


Superior “Fall” Trail Races 2015 Race Preview

I would say the 2015 Superior “Fall” Trail Races should be “one for the ages,” but that betrays the fact that every year is epic and memorable in its own right.


To Watch a Man Run

By Chiara Nanni To be honest, I have never watched him run for more than a couple of seconds at a time. And that is because I don’t run. So when he took off, whether it was for a race or a training trail or a morning run, I could only witness a few steps

A 16-Year-Old’s Perspective on Running Trails

Long hours with sweat in my eyes, salt on my lips and the pain of the run have taught me a lot. As a high schooler in a town where “running” means a few laps or a track meet every now and then, I have found that it’s hard for people to understand why I love running. Most people hate it or see it only as a way to lose weight.


A Quarter Century of Howling

The 25th Howl at the Moon 8 Hour Ultra in Danville, IL, attracted runners from 15 states, some running their first ultra and others returning for the 20th time or more. The race bills itself as a perfect first-timer’s event because of its multi-surface 3.29-mile loop course, personal lap scorers and the abundance of on-course aid.


Grand Teton FKT Attempt

During dinner at the Mammut sales meeting, Dave, the company’s hard goods manager, turned towards me and shouted, “That’s insane! The Grand Teton in under three hours?”