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Karl Hoagland

The Ultra Community

One of the greatest things about our sport is its spirit of collective effort. At ultramarathons it’s as if we are racing with, not against, each other. Maybe it’s because running so far is so daunting that people “pull together” to overcome the challenge. Or maybe it’s simply that the nature and values of people attracted to this sport selfselects for friendly, helpful people.

Karl Hoagland

Springtime for Ultrarunners

For ultrarunners spring is a time for training and preparing for all of the audaciously long and arduous things we do on trails, roads and tracks.  It is a time for putting in the work so we can meet our goals at upcoming races – whether those goals are completion of new distances, new events

Way too much fun at the 25th running of Way Too Cool 50k

The 25-year anniversary of the iconic Way Too Cool 50k was a smashing success, with an exact 1,000 finishers, the most ever. Despite the huge size, the race was executed flawlessly by Race Director Julie Fingar and her team, and the post-race festival was one of the best ultra parties in recent memory. Fast times


Looking forward to 2014 UltraRunners of the Year

With 2013 firmly in the rear view mirror, and the race season for 2014 about to kick into high gear this coming weekend at Montrail Ultra Cup races Sean O’Brien and Rocky Raccoon, plus lots of great regional ultras on the docket across north america in February, it is time to turn our attention to

Karl Hoagland

The Long View

What a year it has been. I want to thank everyone who has supported UltraRunning magazine through our transition, which has been an ongoing process since June. Tia and the rest of our team have pulled together to overcome challenges while also developing and implementing improvements to the magazine and our infrastructure. We have a