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Patagonia Debuts The World’s Most Advanced Baselayer

Patagonia today announced the breakthrough Merino Air Baselayer, a first-ever fusion of sustainably sourced wool and cutting-edge technology. Merino Air looks, feels and performs like nothing else on the market – it offers outstanding warmth, more breathability and better fit than conventional merino baselayers, while still maintaining the natural odor-fighting properties of wool. To create


Gunhild Swanson beats the clock by 6 seconds

Gunhild Swanson crosses the finish line of the 2015 Western States 100 6 seconds before the 30 hour cutoff to become the oldest finisher in the history of the race.


Men vs. Women, Marathoners vs. Ultramarathoners

I decided to examine the question whether women are superior distance runners by consulting the world records. (I assume that the world records give close to the best human performance under ideal conditions.) In order to make comparisons more valid I used records set on the track to eliminate possible uneven performances due to grade (such as the net 490 foot drop at the Boston Marathon) and potential aiding by wind (70% chance at Boston).

July 2015

July 2015

Stephanie Howe runs a speedy and impressive race to set a new Lake Sonoma women’s course record. Photo: Bob MacGillivray features Sleep, Run, Repeat by Allison Harvey Achieving Flow State by Fred Surgent Ultrarunner Profile: Bill Dodson Ultrarunner Profile: Gunhild Swanson Ultrarunner Profile: Mark Ritchman Joe Fejes’ Six-Day American Record Bull Run Run Lake Sonoma


How Good Is Yiannis Kouros?

How good is Yiannis Kouros? Put it this way: He is the only runner for whom an accusation of cheating eventually became an honor. The quality of his run in the first Spartathlon was so far beyond what anyone thought possible that the only way to put his performance in perspective was to assume that he had cut the course. And so he came to Austria on Easter weekend of 1984 as the object of sincere suspicion.


How to Leverage Your Accomplishments

Four ultramarathoners occupied a $200 /month, rundown apartment. They shared one bathroom and one dream: They loved to run the long ones, the ultras. They pooled every thing they had – food, Nikes, part – time jobs, friends, and trails. Life was simple because there were no non-essential personal possessions to care for or to use.