50-mile winner Zach Boleyn, photo by Mile 90 Photography

Bison 50

by Cameron Aly The 3rd Annual Bison 50 showed off 50 miles of Kansas’ beautiful countryside to hundreds of runners on a mild October day. The race featured a variety of athletes, from those tackling the whole 50 miles solo, to those participating with a team of ten friends. Despite the plentiful aid stations and

Prairie Sprit Fall Classic

by Matthew Perkins The man’s hands tremble slightly upon his face, as he bows his body with arms on knees. There is no crying, no grimace of pain. Those have been shed over the long miles he has traveled. Sweat and salt-stained skin are his reward. And as he steadies himself upright, the last remnants

24HRs into Race w Francine Weiheldt, photo by Suzanne Stroeer

Mystery Ranch Ultra Challenge

by Gary Knipling, Mason Neck, Virginia Because Montana was the last state to have an “official” 100 mile run (starting in 2013), and because the RD happens to be a Virginia Happy Trails Running Club member (go figure?), several runners (and crews) from the Washington DC area signed up to run one of the three

Ladies on Palo Comado

No Name 5030-Let your Inner Ultra-runner free

By Erica Gratton, Race Director What would you expect from an inaugural race with “no name”? Probably not a whole lot, right? However if you agreed, you are wrong. No Name might have been new to the ultra world, but the mind behind it is not. Four a.m. Sunday morning comes early no matter how


So How Do I Use A Foam Roller, Anyway?

Foam rollers work by placing the affected body part on top, and then using your body weight and gravity to apply pressure through the soft tissue. They are generally more effective for muscle groups on the back side of the legs, but can also be used on the quadriceps in the thigh or the small


On Giving Thanks

The world is roiling. Whether it’s conflict and atrocities in the war-torn areas of the Middle East, struggles for control of the Ukraine, human suffering at the hands of the Ebola virus, our own violence between us here domestically, or the heating up of our planet itself, there is plenty of bad stuff going on