The Course

Finding My Religion – Brazil 135

Mario Lacerda’s vision for the Brazil 135 occurred after his failed Badwater 135 attempt in 2005. Although Mario had not summited Everest or won any 100 mile races—questions on the earlier Badwater 135 application—he had been on extensive pilgrimages. It was this experience that gained Mario admittance to BW135.

SF100 Start

San Francisco 50/100 Mile Race Preview

The 4th annual SF 100/50 Mile Endurance Runs takes place on March 26th. The course takes a scenic tour of the spectacular Marin Headlands with views of Tiburon, Mt. Tamalpais, Pirates Cove, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. With 9,565’ and 19,575’ of elevation gain in the 50 and 100 mile, respectively, the SF

Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings

The Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings arose, as most anything important does, out of a conversation on a training run several years ago. (By which I do not mean to imply that these rankings are in any way important.). We were discussing the USA Triathlon ranking system, by which any USAT member can receive a national ranking simply by finishing three races over the course of a year. And so the idea for the GUR was born: a comprehensive ranking of every finisher of every ultramarathon in the country.

Alicia Rich on her way to victory at the Mountain Mist 50K

Quick & Dirty – Alicia Rich

Running to a big win at the Mountain Mist 50K in 5:27:24 (full results)—through snow, ice, standing water, and mud—Alicia Rich learned several new lessons on the steep learning curve of ultrarunning. She ran and won her first ultra in December 2014, and she finds herself still undefeated at the ultra distance with big goals

Team Junko

Junko Kazukawa: Grand Slammer, Leadwoman, 2x Cancer Survivor

Junko’s inherent courage has led her to a life of taking on challenges that others have often advised against. In 2015, the brave 52-year-old two-time cancer survivor tackled something that no one else had ever done, completing the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and the Leadwoman series in the same calendar year.


Training for the Unknown in Hawaii

Muddy shoes, a wet shirt, torn shorts, and a bloody bandana pretty much some up my running career in Hawaii and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. From the day I buy a new pair of shoes until the day I retire them, they remain muddy.