Jason Schlarb, Julien Chorier and Bill Clements having an adventure run across the Big Island of Hawaii. Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Seeking Adventure

Do you find your running mojo runs low sometimes? That every run feels the same and you’re pounding familiar paths again and again? It can be easy to get stuck in a rut due to certain training routes or races being convenient, even if they no longer fire up the passion you usually feel for


Separating the Survivors from the Casualties

Bill Tharion, a Research Psychologist with the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, was explaining to me some research that he was conducting on the psychological factors that limit endurance performance. Besides just finding out what physical factors determined how well. and for how long, people would perform.


Ace Your Aid Stations

How you handle aid stations can have a significant impact on how well your race goes. If you are speeding through a 50k looking for a PR, the emphasis at the aid station should be on how quickly and efficiently you can load up on food and water and get back out on the course. Taking the food with you, for instance, can save a lot of time.


Ask Ann: Ideal Race Weight?

Don’t worry about weight, waistline, watching (others) or the web (browsing for the latest miracle diet). Focus on being the right weight, not just lightweight.

Vaught is cheered on by her friend Jeff Fisher and paced by Denise Bourassa.

Quick & Dirty: Joelle Vaught

Quick & Dirty: You had a good battle with a resurgent Michele Yates at last weekend’s Gorge Waterfalls 100, finishing second in 11:10:56 to Yates’s 11:03:05. How did the race progress for you? Were you satisfied with the performance? Joelle Vaught: I am very happy with the performance because quite honestly I had no expectations for


An Ultramarathon Without Running: Ultra Caballo Blanco 50 Miler

Sometimes, the race is the least important part of a trip when traveling for an ultramarathon. Especially when it doesn’t happen.