Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings

The Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings arose, as most anything important does, out of a conversation on a training run several years ago. (By which I do not mean to imply that these rankings are in any way important.). We were discussing the USA Triathlon ranking system, by which any USAT member can receive a national ranking simply by finishing three races over the course of a year. And so the idea for the GUR was born: a comprehensive ranking of every finisher of every ultramarathon in the country.


Training for the Unknown in Hawaii

Muddy shoes, a wet shirt, torn shorts, and a bloody bandana pretty much some up my running career in Hawaii and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. From the day I buy a new pair of shoes until the day I retire them, they remain muddy.

The Music of Running

I never run with music on. This seems counterintuitive, because I’ve read the millions of articles on how music helps pump us up, run faster, breath stronger. But I don’t subscribe to this. I don’t run to be in shape, and I don’t run for time.

New Years Resolution: Why Not?

When the clock was to strike midnight and signups for all of the San Diego Ultras opened – I knew I was going to sign up for the PCT 50, a dry, exposed 50 mile course along the southern end of the Pacific Crest Trail.



Late last year, I was pacing the leader of a 100-mile race when we went off course at mile 75. I had joined her at mile 68 and she was naturally tired and feeling a lot of fatigue and pain, but she was still cruising in the twilight about 12 hours into the race. She was no longer focused on just securing the win – she was now after a PR and the course record of just under 19 hours


Do Your Homework

Do everything that you humanly can to get up on the game before you take on the course. Recently, I participated in a very popular 50k, and as one would expect, the usual accolades, comments and a few complaints came rolling in after the fact. One guy emailed that he’d showed up for the race 24 hours after the fact, thinking that the race was that morning. When he came to the realization that he’d had the wrong date, he decided to make the best of the very sobering awakening and he ran the course anyway, unassisted.