Karl Hoagland

How Do You Like Your Drama?

Drama. It’s essentially people facing challenges with uncertain outcomes. In good drama there’s always conflict and a “crisis” to be overcome… or not. The best drama elicits strong emotional responses from those watching it unfold. Drama in many forms is everywhere in our entertainment- and stimulation-obsessed society. With modern-day conveniences and technology it’s hard to

Errol and Tropical John at the start of the 1994 Western States.

The Old Guard And The New

By now it’s old news to many about that fateful day in August of 1974 when Gordy Ainsleigh’s horse wound up lame and he decided to take to the trails on foot against the mounted riders of the Tevis Cup 100 in California’s Sierras. He completed the 100-mile trail course with nary any fuel or

On Not Finishing

I’m not going to give my story or my excuses, or place blame or defend myself. I didn’t finish. Those are the only words it needs. I didn’t finish, and I went home crying in the middle of the night, showered crying in the middle of the night and fell asleep crying and cramping in the middle of the night. When I woke up, I told my family and apologized. I was embarrassed and ashamed and exhausted, physically and emotionally.

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Prize Money in Ultrarunning

Ann, With new “championship” races popping up and new race series on the scene, what are your thoughts about prize money in ultrarunning? Is it a good thing? Should it increase?   Dear Alan, The growth of the prize money and “championship” races is definitely a hot topic in the beloved ultrarunning community. It is

Karl Hoagland

The Ultra Community

One of the greatest things about our sport is its spirit of collective effort. At ultramarathons it’s as if we are racing with, not against, each other. Maybe it’s because running so far is so daunting that people “pull together” to overcome the challenge. Or maybe it’s simply that the nature and values of people attracted to this sport selfselects for friendly, helpful people.


Pre 2014 Western States Roundup

Western States is just a few days away. We have compiled some of the best interviews, podcasts and predictions leading up to the race. Live Coverage iRunFar Previews 2014 Western States 100 Men’s Preview 2014 Western States 100 Women’s Preview OFFICIAL: WESTERN STATES ENDURANCE RUN COURSE PREVIEW Interviews Pre- WS 100 ’14 Interviews