First Time Ultra Runners

Getting Started

There seems to be a consistent demand for how-to articles on ultrarunning. Newcomers to our joyous sport eagerly seek advice on how to minimize the time spent as novices so that they can play the game without learning many lessons through painful experience. So, in answer to that call, I will offer you the tips

Relentless Forward Motion

by Shawn McDonald Based on reader feedback, there seems to be substantial interest in how to mix walking into training and racing, as well as how to become a more efficient, faster walker. As with running, practice and proper form are keys to improvement. Even the fastest ultrarunners will walk a little during races, particularly

Getting Through Your First Ultra

January is always a good time to figure out your running goals for the coming year. One thing to think about while you’re fiddling with your New Year’s resolutions and sitting next to a warm fire under a down comforter is whether to add this entry to the list: Finish my first ultra. If you

Fluid & Electrolytes 101: Recommendations from the Trail and Medical Tent

By Lisa S. Bliss, MD Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance during the Western States Run seems to come naturally to many runners. They just eat and drink and run and are merry. For others, it’s not so easy. They eat and drink and slosh and puke and lose and gain weight and become sick and

Developing a Strategy

By Kevin Setnes It is generally assumed that most ultrarunners have some kind of pre-determined strategy when they run an ultra. The strategy can be as simple as going out at a planned pace, or stopping for two minutes at each aid station and holding that pace all the way to the finish line. Another

Cross Training – How and Why

Newcomers to our sport often find that their enthusiasm for ultrarunning knows no bounds. They happily contemplate years of nothing but running. They’re spinning in a positive feedback loop like a hamster in an exercise wheel. Train, train, train. Run, run, run. Race, race, race. They might be well-advised, however, to hold their horses just