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Weight Change During a 100-Mile Race

by Marty Hoffman, MD and Tamara Hew-Butler, DPM, PhD As is often the case in life, a little information can be dangerous. Then, as we learn more, we begin to recognize how complicated an issue really is and that we still have a lot to learn. Certainly, that’s been the situation with fluid and electrolyte

Running, Rhabdomyolosis, and Renal Failure – Who’s at Risk

by Tamara Hew-Butler DPM, PhD and Marty Hoffman MD Approximately 40 percent of our total body mass consists of skeletal muscle. Unaccustomed and especially eccentric (muscle lengthening while contracting) exercise can damage muscle cells, causing them to disrupt and release potentially toxic substances into the bloodstream. The term “rhabdomyolysis” literally means the dissolution of skeletal

Read Those Labels

Nutritionists often talk about reading labels, encouraging you to look for healthy ingredients and recognizable foods that are close to their original source, such as whole wheat instead of white flour. But what happens when you pick up a packet of gel, a sports bar or a canister of powdered fuel? The ingredients read more

Nutritional Support for Sport Injuries – Eating your Way to Recovery

You’re an ultrarunner and you have an injury. Bad combination for training, not to mention your sanity. While ice, rest and physical therapy are significant in the treatment of cuts, bruises, muscle and joint injuries, broken bones and swelling, researchers are discovering that what an athlete consumes after being injured and during treatment can either

Nutrition for Your Long Training Runs

You want your nutrition to rebuild your immune system while maintaining the adaptation in the muscles that all those miles have produced. You spend considerable time carefully planning “a long weekend run” when you are training for your next ultra but you may not put the same amount of effort into planning your nutrition during

How Much Sugar Can We Stomach?

The array of food at a typical aid station in today’s ultramarathon races is overwhelming. The choices become almost as hard to negotiate as some of the trails. Besides all the latest sports nutrition products, there is usually a mixture of salty snack foods, candy bars, cut-up fruit, sandwich quarters and the high-glycemic potato dipped