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Nutrition for Your Long Training Runs

You want your nutrition to rebuild your immune system while maintaining the adaptation in the muscles that all those miles have produced. You spend considerable time carefully planning “a long weekend run” when you are training for your next ultra but you may not put the same amount of effort into planning your nutrition during

How Much Sugar Can We Stomach?

The array of food at a typical aid station in today’s ultramarathon races is overwhelming. The choices become almost as hard to negotiate as some of the trails. Besides all the latest sports nutrition products, there is usually a mixture of salty snack foods, candy bars, cut-up fruit, sandwich quarters and the high-glycemic potato dipped

Fats in the Endurance World

Second only to carbohydrates, fat may be the most misunderstood nutrient in endurance sports. There are those athletes who totally shun it and others, touting its virtues, just as emphatically embrace it. So, is fat good or bad? It‘s certainly not the bad guy that the masses thought two decades ago when the market was

The LAST Article You’ll Ever Need to Read About What to Eat During an Ultramarathon

If you have been reading any newsstand magazines for the past few decades, you have probably watched with amusement the trail of articles on the “Last Diet You Will Ever Need”. These began with a total war on FATS and a brand new aisle in our grocery stores of fat-free products, including the infamous Snack-Well

Do UltraRunners *Really* Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?

No! Well, maybe. Well, sometimes. This has to be one of the more confusing and ongoing issues for all endurance athletes, ultrarunners in particular. We are bombarded daily with advertisements, articles, friends and doctor recommendations and so on even though the vast majority of ultrarunners receive the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of most vitamins and

Sunny Blende

Demystifying the BONK

By Sunny Blende, M.S., Sports Nutritionist Bonking, hitting-the-wall, crash and burn, total muscle fatigue, whatever the name – as an ultrarunner, this is your worst nightmare. When you are beginning to lose it, the cause of your meltdown matters less than the vision of your training, goals and dreams drifting out the window. But there