Interview with Rob Krar 2014 Ultrarunner of the Year

Q: First of all congratulations on consecutive UROY awards– how does 2014 compare to 2013? It’s a huge honor for me to be voted Ultra Runner of the Year. It was a year full of amazing performances by so many great runners and individuals, to be honored with this distinction a second time has left


Interview with Ellie Greenwood 2014 UltraRunner of the Year

Q:  First of all congratulations on your third UROY in four years– how does 2014 compare to 2011 and 2012? Winning UROY in 2014 is different because I have raced and won less ultras than I did in 2012 and I know that there are many other women out there who have also had great

Rob Krar (Galen Burrell photo)

Rob Krar: From 100-Miles Away

By Eric Senseman Perspective—the point from which something is viewed—can make all the difference. The moon can be seen, although it is over 220,000 miles away from the earth, on a clear night—but not on an overcast night. Beautiful sunsets decorate the horizon many evenings—but they can’t be seen amid thunderstorms. One must have the

Zach Bitter (photo by Kristin Steele)

Zach Bitter: Fastest 100-Miler In US History

Late last year Zach Bitter emerged as the fastest American in the history of long distance ultrarunning, setting an American record for 100 miles on a track in 11 hours and 47 minutes (roughly a 7 minute 4 second per mile pace) at Desert Solstice last December. He also set the world record for covering

Alex Varner nipping at Chris Vargo’s heels during the early miles. Photo: Joe McCladdie

Interview with WTC Winner Chris Vargo

UR Congratulations on your big win at Way Too Cool, that was way impressive! Can you give us a little background on where you live and so on? VARGO I’m originally from Indiana but currently live in Colorado Springs, although I’m moving to Flagstaff, AZ within the next few weeks. I just finished work at

Transgrancanaria 2014  (Photo: Carlos Días-Recio)

“I love running in places I’ve never been to before”, says Spanish ultrarunner Nύria Picas

By Verena Levy If there was one thing I knew about Nύria Picas, it was that between her job as a firefighter, her family and her training is the fact that she clearly has very little time to attend media interviews. In order to make this easier for her, I did not hesitate for a