Q&A with Grand Slammers, Ian Sharman and Nick Clark

Joe Uhan sat down with grand slammers Ian Sharman and Nick Clark to discuss their goals going into 2013, the competition between each other and how they feel the sport is growing.

Bernd Heinrich: Master of Peaking

by Mark Dorion Though we both lived in northern New England in the early to mid-1980s, I only got to meet and run with Dr. Bernd Heinrich on one occasion: The 1984 Lake Waramaug 50 Mile and 100 Km. I remember standing next to him, stretching, in the state park restrooms near the start. We

Ted Corbitt: An Ultrarunning Pioneer

An interview conducted with the legendary Ted Corbitt in 1988. by Trishul Cherns On July 10, 1988, I had the great privilege and joy of interviewing 68-year-old Ted Corbitt, whose distance running career is legendary, inspiring, and pioneering. In 1952, early in his marathon career, Corbitt made the U.S. Olympic team, and he ran the

Pam Smith with Timothy Olson (photo irunfar)

Interview with 2013 Western States Champion Pam Smith

UltraRunning Interview: 2013 Western States Champion Pam Smith Western States Champion Pam Smith had a race for the ages on one of the hottest and most challenging days in the 40 year history of the oldest and most prestigious 100 mile race in the world. Not surprisingly she is a woman with unique character and


UltraRunning Interview: Comrades Champion Bruce Fordyce

UltraRunning Interview: Comrades and World Champion Bruce Fordyce At the 2005 Comrades Marathon 89 Km, the world’s biggest and most famous ultramarathon, Mark Bloomfield had the opportunity to talk with Bruce Fordyce, a nine-time champion, as well as the world record-holder at 50 miles. Mark: Good to see you again and thanks for taking time from