No shirt, Trail Shoes…..No Problem!

by Alyssa Godesky The 11th annual Bel Monte Endurance Races took place during a perfect spring day in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This came as a much needed escape after a winter of snow and freezing temperatures for most of the participants who trained in the region. With temperatures comfortably in the 50s at the start,

Filtering water from a stream in the Shawangunks

A Manifesto for Minimalist Races

Last year, my friend Todd Jennings and I organized a race to celebrate the Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT), a magical footpath that traverses the entire 74-mile length of the Shawangunk Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley.


Training for an Ultra on a Busy Schedule

Time… wouldn’t we all love to have more of it? This can be particularly true when we have a full-time job, family and social commitments and we decide to sign up for an ultra. We can start questioning whether signing up was such a smart idea after all, as it can seem nearly impossible to


Hiking To Machu Picchu: A Half Step Into The Past

The Incan Empire consisted of hundreds of thousands of square miles of land; its population blossomed, on some estimates, to as many as 37 million people; its system of trails and roads are believed to be as extensive as 40,000 kilometers in length; and its agricultural, architectural, and engineering techniques and methods would be considered

Cowboy Songs

By Katrin Silva I enjoy running with music. I don’t do it all the time, and never while racing. But on days when weather conditions keep me off the trails, when I run after a long day at work, when I head out with my muscles tensed into knots and negative thoughts swarming through my

Cedro Peaks: A Rare Event

I prefer to write about the races where everything goes wrong instead of right. I don’t know why. Through extensive psychoanalysis I could probably figure it out, but my self-prescribed and very effective mental health regime consists of two (or more) daily hours of running, plus regular trail races. This means I have no spare