Foresthill Advice 1986-750

Father and Son

The father had always been old school and a bit old-fashioned. He was a man who could easily handle both a stethoscope and a shotgun, his life shaped by time tending patients in emergency rooms in Roseville, California, and in caring for horse riders, and then for runners, on the Western States Trail.


2015 Hellcat 50k

The Hellcat 50km race on Jan 9 2016, is held annually to commemorate the F6F Hellcat Navy fighter of WWII fame. It is held on the old Navy air base in Green Cove Springs Fl. The base is now an industrial park but the old runways, bunkers etc. are still there. The race loops the outer perimeter 5 times.


The Science of Ultrarunning

This is the first in a series of articles on what happens to your body during an ultra, focusing on the sparse but growing scientific literature that exists. However, physiology is extremely individual dependent, so please interpret this column with caution, as we are all different.


Solo Hundo

I circled the high school track, loop after loop, hour after hour, mile after mile. For 100 miles, to be exact. It was July in southern Utah, where summer temperatures feel like you’re standing on the sun. The high was 107 degrees. I tried to think of some profound response when people asked why I was running 100 miles around a track in July. The best I could come up with was “Well, it seemed like a unique challenge. And I had some glazed donuts I needed to burn off.”

The Music of Running

I never run with music on. This seems counterintuitive, because I’ve read the millions of articles on how music helps pump us up, run faster, breath stronger. But I don’t subscribe to this. I don’t run to be in shape, and I don’t run for time.

Sarah Bard. Photo: George Banker

Successful Defense By Walmsley And Bard At The JFK

A runner’s greatest asset is “heart”, the ability to put it all on the line to block out all competition and to run as if you are the only one in the race. It is all about effort, the struggle, survival, victory, and defeat.

On November 21, 2015 for the last 53 years downtown Boonsboro, Md., has been witness to an assembly of runners for the start of the John F. Kennedy 50 Mile (JFK) and commonly called “America’s Ultramarathon”.