Joe Uhan

Volunteerism & Running Longevity

Besides self-improvement, embedded in my philosophy as an ultrarunner, therapist and coach is sustainability: what can we do today that will ensure we can do what we love, tomorrow? And the next several thousand tomorrows?

Follow That Dream, Ladies. The Cross Florida Route 40 Romp

By Sue Anger The “Follow That Dream Parkway” was the path for the first section of the inaugural 116 mile Cross Florida Route 40 Romp on March 22 and 23, 2014.  A section of State Road 40 was named in honor of the 1962 Elvis Presley movie that was filmed in the area.  It is


Training For Ultra Running By Andy Milroy

Reviewed by Joe Fejes Training for Ultra Running, written and edited by master ultrarunning historian Andy Milroy, is a compilation of ultrarunning training techniques and racing strategies from many of the world’s greatest runners, including Bruce Fordyce, Bernd Heinrich, Cavin Woodward, Don Ritchie, recent double World 100K champion Giorgio Calcaterra and world record holder Takahiro

Gary Dudney

Getting Lost

The surprise isn’t that ultrarunners get lost once in a while. The surprise is that they’re not all lost all the time. Imagine marking 30 to 100 miles of remote trail for a bunch of strangers who are mostly clueless about the area in such a way that not a single one of them is

Course Record for King at Chuckanut

Max King and Ellie Greenwood each came home with a win Saturday at the 22nd annual Chuckanut 50K in Fairhaven, Washington. The men’s race saw Max and David Laney dueling it out once again, as they took advantage of dry, ideal racing conditions.  Max was geared up for a win this year after losing to

Ian Sharman

How To Train For Trails In The City

Through winter we all struggle to fit in any type of run with less daylight, icy roads and snowy trails. This becomes even more difficult for city dwellers in cold locations where the treadmill can seem the only option. However, I picked up several useful tips living in flat, old London town about how to