“Never again.” Beast of Burden

By Stacey (Arnold) Michne “I’m never doing this again.” Rash decisions should never be made immediately after crossing a finish line. I signed up on a whim, which one would think would be an action reserved solely for weekend 5ks, but indeed I registered for the Beast of Burden 100 mile ultramarathon, or “BoB” as

Eastern States 100? No, This Ain’t No Joke

By Andrew Meisler Chutzpah. That’s the word that came to mind when I saw the posting for the inaugural Eastern States 100. The RDs actually had the audacity to riff off the oldest and most venerated ultramarathon in the country? The race circumnavigates the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,” so there’s a fair degree of hyperbole

myles smythe

New Media Enhances Coverage Of Ultrarunning

Live coverage of major ultramarathons has evolved and grown substantially in the past 15 years, and this year Western States 100 brought the most comprehensive and reliable coverage yet of a North American ultramarathon. It was back in 2000 under the vision of new RD Greg Soderlund that the internet and its capabilities became a


Introducing The Ultra Medical Team

Race Directors Chances are you feel pretty good about your aid stations and course markings, but how prepared are you to address the following potential medical needs at your event? Are you ready for a runner who seizes due to hyponatremia? Does your medical staff have hypertonic saline on hand? Do they know how to

Rob Krar (Galen Burrell photo)

Rob Krar: From 100-Miles Away

By Eric Senseman Perspective—the point from which something is viewed—can make all the difference. The moon can be seen, although it is over 220,000 miles away from the earth, on a clear night—but not on an overcast night. Beautiful sunsets decorate the horizon many evenings—but they can’t be seen amid thunderstorms. One must have the

Ian Sharman

Training With Weight Vests

One thing I’m frequently asked about is how I incorporate weight vests into training, since it’s a tool I use for myself and for those I coach. It was especially key to my attempt at the 2013 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, where I ran 100-milers close together and had to get the most out of training while focusing on recovery.