Taking the Good with the Bad

By Lauren Steinheimer   I’m sitting here, guiltily sipping chamomile tea from a beautiful ceramic mug that I paid for, yet did not earn. It’s an SOB 50M finisher’s mug. The award given out to the supremely rugged savages who spent a perfectly good Saturday hauling ass through 50 miles of Southern Oregon’s mountainous trails.

Heat Training

Last December, my friend Rachael and I got lucky at the Western States lottery. We were excited, then terrified. After that, we got serious. We watched Unbreakable over and over, which confirmed what the Western States website says all along: It’s a downhill race, and most years a very hot one.

Don’t Hedge Your Bets

There sat 17-year-old David Hedges, smack in the lead pack at the Twisted Branch Trail Run, a 100k race on the Bristol Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail in NY. As he ran, surrounded by veterans of the sport, past winners of ultras and consistent hometown favorites he patiently waited.


2015 JC Stone Trail 50k

It seemed like the perfect plan. After 10 very successful years of running the JC
Stone 50K Spring road race, why not take advantage of the runner friendly Western Pennsylvania fall weather and the beautiful running trails around North Park to create the second in the series of JC Stone 50K Races.

Habanero Hundred

In August of this year, I signed up to run a new 100-mile race in Texas. To be specific, I signed up for the race the night before the race. On a whim. Like a crazy person. I think stress from full-time work and full-time school drove me to this extreme, where I started thinking how lovely it would be if I had a full-day break from worrying about work and deadlines. As a friend would comment later, “You were literally running away from your problems!”

A Race Baked With Pain

Maybe I could do that? But people who do that are crazy…and dumb. Maybe I want to be crazy and dumb. But those people are strong and determined. Maybe I want to be strong and determined. No, I could never do that…seems crazy….but maybe.