Race Reports

Marvin Mastin finishes his first FlatRock 50K on his 50th birthday. Photo: Rick Mayo / Mile 90 Photography

FLATROCK 50: Rocks that Grow

Any competitor who researches the FlatRock 50K knows what to expect from the course: Rocks. Lots of them. But what the mind knows does not always meld with adrenaline, fresh legs, and a love for trail running.

Photo: Paul Nelson

Volcanic 50: Year of the Fast Runners, and the Hornets

There are two things that will be remembered about the 2015 Volcanic 50. The hornets and the speed. About half of the racers had the unfortunate experience of getting stung by bees. The race directors alerted the runners to known bees near the 28-mile mark during the pre-race announcements, but runners got to interact with bees much earlier on.


Water Gap 50K Race Report

Early Saturday morning, driving down winding roads and rolling hills, my stomach fluttering with nervous anticipation, it felt like being on a roller coaster. But we were not at an amusement park. We were en route to the start of the inaugural Water Gap 50K in the Poconos/Delaware Water Gap region of Pennsylvania. Little did I know that this race would also be quite an emotional roller coaster.

Run Rabbit Run: Going to Extremes

The Run Rabbit Run is a tough 100-plus mile race in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It’s in September, usually just when the aspen leaves turn golden. It’s also on the very short list of Hardrock qualifiers, unlike Western States or Leadville. So when a bunch of my friends signed up for it, I gave in to peer pressure, adding a third hundred-miler to my 2015 calendar.

Taking the Good with the Bad

By Lauren Steinheimer   I’m sitting here, guiltily sipping chamomile tea from a beautiful ceramic mug that I paid for, yet did not earn. It’s an SOB 50M finisher’s mug. The award given out to the supremely rugged savages who spent a perfectly good Saturday hauling ass through 50 miles of Southern Oregon’s mountainous trails.


2015 JC Stone Trail 50k

It seemed like the perfect plan. After 10 very successful years of running the JC
Stone 50K Spring road race, why not take advantage of the runner friendly Western Pennsylvania fall weather and the beautiful running trails around North Park to create the second in the series of JC Stone 50K Races.