Race Reports

O24 2014—A Perfect Combination of Wild and Mild

By Keith Flint What a difference a day makes. Only 24 hours before this year’s Outrun 24-Hour Trail Run, it was turning cold and steadily pouring rain on the race director and crew as they prepared for this annual event. The Chapin Forest Preserve in Kirtland, Ohio, like much of the state, seemed unable to

“Never again.” Beast of Burden

By Stacey (Arnold) Michne “I’m never doing this again.” Rash decisions should never be made immediately after crossing a finish line. I signed up on a whim, which one would think would be an action reserved solely for weekend 5ks, but indeed I registered for the Beast of Burden 100 mile ultramarathon, or “BoB” as

Eastern States 100? No, This Ain’t No Joke

By Andrew Meisler Chutzpah. That’s the word that came to mind when I saw the posting for the inaugural Eastern States 100. The RDs actually had the audacity to riff off the oldest and most venerated ultramarathon in the country? The race circumnavigates the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,” so there’s a fair degree of hyperbole

Traprock 2014 Race Report

By Scott Livingston This year’s Traprock 50K had the inverse result from last year when Debbie finished strong and I was a DNF. Our entire family has suffered with illness during the past two weeks and Debbie was hit with the worst of it. She was hurting at the start of today’s 31 miler, and

Nanny Goat 2014 Race Report

Saturday, May 24, 2014 Riverside, California By Nicole Scott I had lots of ideas about what running my first ultramarathon, 50 miles at Nanny Goat, would be like. But what I never could have anticipated was that my life would be changed forever after crossing my finish line.  The funny thing is, life still seems

Santa Barbara 100

by Harris Goodman It’s always darkest before dawn, except when you are with ultrarunners. It was late in the evening of May 31, somewhere high up on a coastal mountain ridge, where I came upon another ultrarunner around mile 53 of the first annual Santa Barbara 100. It had been a tough first half, tougher than