Race Reports

A Life Changing Experience – Quachita 50

by Cory Adams April is just a tough month there’s no getting around it. After writing that check to the IRS, maybe that disappointment of not getting into the Boston Marathon, or even just cabin fever, you need that chance to just let it all out and do something epic. It doesn’t have to be

Spring Thaw Tune-up

by Victor E. Vouga     Trying to predict weather conditions for an early spring race in Western Pennsylvania is an elusive and ultimately unfruitful exercise, even though it never dissuades me from repeatedly scouring the ten-day forecasts prior to race day. In getting ready for the 2014 Glacier Ridge Trail Ultramarathon and Trail Race,

Stepping Stones

by Ben Holmes, RD The Free State Trail Run always offers the (slightly) off-beat 40-mile and 100k ultra distances, along with a trail marathon and half. We feel that many want to attempt a “stepping-stone” distance prior to attempting their first 50 or 100-miler. For its eighth iteration, the course’s trail was in great condition.

To the Bone at DWD Gnaw Bone

by Scott VanLoo The second stop in the 2014 Running Fit Dances with Dirt (DWD) series was held in Nashville, Indiana on May 10th. One would think that a trail event in Indiana would be an easy run on flat trails. Wrong! Once again Randy Step (race director) and his Running Fit crew held an

It was my 4th Comrades.
 And it was my toughest …

by Axel Rittershaus In the morning, I woke up 1 minute before the 3:00 am alarm went off, everything looked really good. I felt good, and confident. This year’s Comrades ultra-marathon was a so called “Down Run” from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, 89.2 km in distance.
”Down“ might sound tempting, but it would lead you the wrong

How bad do you want it? Salt Flats 100 Report

by Nicole Lowe I asked myself that question at least 1,000 times over the 100 miles (161 km) of the Salt Flats 100 endurance event held on April 25, 2014 in the northwest desert of Utah. My answer, I want it really freaking bad. This race was my second 100. I had to drop out