Race Reports

2014 A-OK Race Report

Sunday, March 2, 2014 Near Atoka, Oklahoma   20TH “A-OK” 25/50K A (Wintry) BLAST BEST WEATHER LAST YEAR—-WORST WEATHER THIS YEAR When stars came out as runners gathered around the campfire on Saturday night, it seemed unlikely that the predicted winter storm would materialize. Unfortunately, rain started around midnight, with sleet, snow, and freezing rain

Sandakphu 70 Mile Himalayan Race

The WindChasers’ Sandakphu 70 Mile Himalayan Race could very well be considered as one of the most surreal and beautiful stage races in the world. One would probably need that kind of distraction to get you through the treacherous terrain and climbs that the course offers, leading runners from an altitude of 6000 feet to

Comrades and The Worker Bees

By Bruce Clark As an attitude adjuster, Comrades reigns supreme. There really is no better place to go when you need to realign your soul. You want hills? Smack. You want heat? Smack. You want suffering? Smack. You want distance and discomfort? Smack, smack. You think the world has gone to the dogs? Smack. You

Manitou’s Revenge

Race Report from Ashley Lister I was really excited for Manitou’s Revenge this year! I loved the race last year, and just love the Catskills in general. Plus, so many friends were also running the race! Going into this race, I knew I wasn’t in as good shape as last year, especially for mountain climbing,

2014 Western States 100 Report by Ken Neely

by Ken Neely Running on the track at Placer High School, hearing “Tropical” John Medinger call out the names of me, my crew, and pacers, I breathed a sigh of relief. Sort of. I hadn’t been able to draw a full breath for 30 miles. I crossed the finish line, unable to stop my legs

Solemates’ CYA 100 and 6/12/24 Hour

Saturday, Jul 12, 2014 Prescott , AZ By Mark Hellenthal, RD A 100 miler in Arizona in July? Who in their right minds would sign up for a race like that? 15 brave souls that’s who… and along with them 111 other runners toed the line in the 6, 12 and 24hr races. The race,