2014 Most Competitive Fields

Each year a few races attract a large number of elite runners. In this analysis, we have examined the races in which those who received votes for Runner of the Year competed. Giving the runners of the year 40 points, the runners-up 39 points, and so on, we have devised a system for determining which

2014 Ultrarunners of the Year

Ellie Greenwood Ellie Greenwood is the female Ultra Runner of the Year. It’s the third time she has won the award in the past four years. After missing most of 2013 with injuries, she rebounded in the spring with a win at the Chuckanut 50K and followed that with a thrilling come-from-behind win at the

Ultrarunners of the year – Historical

UltraRunners of the Year 1981-2013 Year Female Male 2014 Ellie Greenwood Rob Krar 2013 Michele Yates Rob Krar 2012 Ellie Greenwood Mike Morton 2011 Ellie Greenwood Dave Mackey 2010 Tracy Garneau Geoff Roes 2009 Kami Semick Geoff Roes 2008 Kami Semick Jorge Pacheco 2007 Nikki Kimball Scott Jurek 2006 Anne Lundblad Karl Meltzer 2005 Anne

2013 Four or more wins

Winning an ultramarathon these days is a pretty colossal achievement, one that most of us can only dream about – what with the growth of the sport, the emergence of younger faster runners and the sheer number of tough, experienced and gritty competitors in ultrarunning.  Quite simply one has to have a AAA race and


2013 UltraRunning participation by the numbers

2013 saw nearly a 10% jump in the number of racers from 2012.    

UltraRunning Magazine Ultra Runners of the Year

UltraRunning Magazine Runners of the Year 1981 – 2013 2013                   Michele Yates                                                                          Rob Krar 2012                   Ellie Greenwood                                                               Mike Morton 2011                   Ellie Greenwood                                                             Dave Mackey 2010                   Tracy Garneau                                                                    Geoff Roes 2009                   Kami Semick                                                                      Geoff Roes 2008                   Kami Semick                                                                Jorge Pacheco 2007                   Nikki Kimball                                                                       Scott Jurek 2006                   Anne Lundblad                                                                   Karl Meltzer