Running Through My Mind: Confessions of an Every Day Runner

reviewed by Tom Adair I was beginning to lose my enthusiasm for running earlier this year: I fell and suffered an injury in Antarctica and my aggressive racing schedule was put on hiatus until the injury healed. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t my usual self when I laced up my running shoes


Racing the Antelope

Review by Don Allison Those with a knowledge and appreciation of ultrarunning history are most likely aware of Bernd Heinrich’s historic race in The Chicago AMJA 100 Km on October 4, 1981. As a relative unknown at the age of 41, Heinrich blitzed the course and a world-class field to win the race in a


Fixing Your Feet

reviewed by Hollis Lenderking John Vonhof is a veteran ultrarunner and the founding race director of the Ohlone Wilderness 50 Km Trail Run, now ten years strong and one of the toughest (and most gorgeous) 50 kms there is. It’s a point-to-point course over remote, mountainous wilderness terrain—just the kind of layout that taxes an


Extreme Running

reviewed by Peter Bakwin Extreme Running by Kym McConnell and Dave Horsley (Pavilion, 2007, $26.60 at Amazon) is probably the first coffee-table book specifically for ultrarunners. It is a beautiful book, with every page loaded with stunning photographs that will make the avid or aspiring adventure runner lust for more vacation time and travel funds.


100 Miles to Destiny

Reviewed by Jonathan Zeif I imagine that many of us enjoyed watching the marathon and even some of the track events at the just-concluded Olympic Games in Beijing. After all, we are all runners, and most of us can relate to the preparation and training it takes to get to a big event, and it

Personal Record – A Love Affair with Running

reviewed by Mike Palmer “But, but, but, I said. I’ve never run that far. I don’t know if I can do it. It’s up a mountain and back down. It’s the first year of the race – things always go wrong the first year. I could get lost. I often get lost. It’s desolate and