Training and Racing

Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Taper Crazies

I’m suffering. Help. I think it’s an extreme case of something they call “taper crazies.” I know I should be tapering for a 100-mile, but I’m out there turning out big volume. How do you fight off the taper crazies? How much is too much? What should the ideal taper look like going into a

Author and friend energetically managing their ultra lifestyles (Photo Robert Josephs)

Managing The Ultra Lifestyle

One way or another, we all face the need to reconcile our running passion with what is going on in the rest of our lives. We have to find a lifestyle that equitably balances running goals with obligations to friends, family, work, and other interests. There’s no escaping the fact that ultrarunning requires a significant

Ian Sharman

Preparation To Finish Your First 100-Miler

At the end of the year most runners think about their plans for the following year, including their target races. This early planning is exacerbated by the number of lotteries for major races, something that’s becoming more common all the time. Due to the limits on participant numbers and the fame of events like Western

Ask Ann: Downhill Training

Dear Ann, Now that WS100 lottery is done, and a few of us are in and needing to plan our training we realize that it entails quite a bit of downhill running. As a 14-time winner, what did you do to train for downhills? What can you advise us to prepare for the downhill portions

The Refuge

How to run UTMB

The “Joe Schmoe” Guide on how to run UTMB. If you want to WIN, you’ll have to talk to Rory!

Ellie Greenwood

Racing To Work

We’ve all done it, signed up for a race with the simple click of a button, carried away with the enthusiasm of a recent race result or inspired by beautiful images from a race website, and only after do you begin to consider the practicalities of racing at the event.