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Ann Trason

Ask Ann: Key Lessons

I have always loved being a student of the sport—reading, asking questions, trying new things and learning what worked for me. I have been fortunate to have had several coaches who helped fill in gaps in the complex puzzle we call ultrarunning. Your question gets me thinking about the one who did the most to make me the runner and coach I am. Here are 17 lessons I learned from my favorite coach.


The Evolution of the Modern Aid Station

Today’s aid stations, especially at majors like Western States, are staffed by folks who are often veteran ultrarunners, have decades of experience and are as skilled as they come at meeting runners’ needs.

What I Learned When I ran My First Ultra Marathon

If you want to run an ultra, well, just do it. No need to listen to all the well-meaning friends and colleagues who have probably never done it before. Go for it. Whatever happens, I guarantee that you will learn something about yourself.

Ian in the early miles of the 2015 Western States 100, en route to another top 10 finish. Photo Matt Trappe

Road Races to Improve Trail Running

I’ll admit I have a bias on this topic, since when I first started running ultras in 2005, I also got hooked on road marathons. However, one thing I noticed was how effectively sub-ultra road races prepared me for many aspects of longer races.


Superior “Fall” Trail Races 2015 Race Preview

I would say the 2015 Superior “Fall” Trail Races should be “one for the ages,” but that betrays the fact that every year is epic and memorable in its own right.

Jonas Buud approaches the finish with his victory wreath and the Kranskulla who presented it

Three Kings in Sweden: the 2015 UltraVasan 90K

Last week, I traveled to north-central Sweden to compete in the second annual UltraVasan 90K on Saturday morning, August 22. What follows is an account of my race but also the race history, the course, and the three kings on everyone’s mind as the weekend unfolded.