Thom Bugliosi Trail 52km

Date: 5/3/2014

First Last Age Gender State Time
Cole Crosby 25 M New York 4:15
Justin Trana 29 M New York 5:19
Marvin Russell 41 M New York 5:31
Gerrit Van Loon 53 M New York 5:33
Pete Kresock 31 M New York 5:36
Nancy Kleinrock 54 F New York 5:48
Daniel Lopata 45 M New York 6:17
Robert Seltzer 47 M New York 6:25
Randy Seltzer 22 M New York 6:25
Chris Accardo 23 M New York 6:57
James Miner 65 M New York 6:57
Jessica Kerns 39 F New York 7:04

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