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King, Greenwood Smash Records at JFK


Boonsboro, Maryland, November 17. Max King and Ellie Greenwood took advantage of strong competition and ideal racing weather to win the 50th annual JFK 50 in record times.

King outpaced Trent Briney, a 2:12 marathoner, to break David Riddle’s 2011 record. Greenwood similarly edged a marathon star, Emily Harrison (2:32 PR) to carve 17 minutes off Devon Yanko’s (née Crosby-Helms) 2009 record. Both Briney and Harrison were running their first ultra.

Runners were treated to sunny and cool conditions, with temperatures ranging from mid 30s at the start to mid 50s in the afternoon.

1. Max King, 32, Bend, OR, 5:34:58 (course record, old record 5:40:45 by David Riddle, 2011)
2. Trent Briney, 34, Boulder, CO, 5:37:56
3. David Riddle, 31, Cincinnati, OH, 5:45:13
4. Ian Sharman, 32, Bend, OR, 5:50:46
5. Matthew Lavine, 38, Crystal, LA, 5:56:19

1. Ellie Greenwood, 33, North Vancouver, BC, 6:11:59 (course record, old record 6:29:21 by Devon Yanko née Crosby-Helms, 2009)
2. Emily Harrison, 26, Front Royal, VA, 6:17:16
3. Elissa Ballas, 33, US Army, 6:44:45
4. Melanie Bos, 39, Kelowna, BC, 6:47:04
5. Beverley Anderson-Abbs, 48, Red Bluff, CA, 7:14:31

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