Rusiecki, Moehl Win at Masochist


Lynchburg, Virginia, November 3. Brian Rusiecki and Krissy Moehl were the winners of the 30th annual Mountain Masochist 50. Rusiecki passed early leader Eric Grossman at about mile 35 and pulled away to a 15-minute win.

Moehl, who also won here way back in 2001, adopted a similar come-from-behind strategy as she trailed fellow Coloradan Alyssa Wildeboer until late in the race, eventually eking out a 2-minute win at the finish. Runners were greeted with chilly and damp weather, with temperatures in the 30s at the start, warming to the mid-50s in late afternoon. 235 of the 294 starters finsihed within the 13-hour time limit.

1. Brain Rusiecki, 33, Westfield, MA, 7:29:41
2. Eric Grossman, 44, Emory, VA, 7:44:04
3. Frank Gonzalez, 35, Forest, VA, 8:07:09
4. Chris Reed, 39, Allentown, PA, 8:18:03
5. Brian Schmidt, 44, Leesburg, VA, 8:20:10

1. Krissy Moehl, 35, Boulder, CO, 8:41:28
2. Alyssa Wildeboer, 33, Winter Park, CO, 8:43:46
3. Leah Daugherty, 27, Virginia Beach, VA, 9:03:44
4. Holly Bugin, 33, New Kent, VA, 9:05:33
5. (tie) Amy Rusiecki, 33, Westfield, MA, 9:31:41
5. (tie) Kate Caldwell, 27, Fayetteville, WV, 9:31:41

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Photo: Krissy Moehl (photo by Glenn Tachiyama)