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UltraRunning April 2003


14 Where Are They Now? Sandra Kiddy by Garett Graubins
42 Adventure Run: Not Your Average Badwater to Whitney Run by Blake P. Wood
46 UR Book Review: My Own Medicine: A Doctor’s Life as a Patient by Geoffrey Kurland, M.D. by Mark Roberts
48 24 Hours on the Treadmill
Rat Race: One Day on a Treadmill by David Deubelbeiss
The Running Professor by Knut Jegerson
96 Back Page: Inspiration from Giving by Brian Morrison

AT THE RACES reports and results
17 H.U.R.T. Trail 100 Endurance Run
24 Rocky Racoon 100 Mile and 50 Mile
26 John Dick Memorial Crusty 50 Km
28 Yukon Arctic Ultra
31 Holiday Lake 50 Km
32 Frosty 50 Km
33 Uwharrie Mountain 40 Mile
34 Pemberton Trail 50 Km
36 Fat Ass 50, North Carolina Version
36 Manasota Track Club 50 Km
38 Purisima Woods 50 Km and 50 Mile
39 East Texas Ultra Runners 50 Km
40 Franklin Mountains 40 Mile and 26.7 Mile
40 Dry River Run 26 Mile
40 Angel Island 50 Km and 100 Mile
Muir Beach 50 Km

4 Experiment of One: Running Your Best 50 Km by Kevin Setnes
6 Body Basics: Hyponatremia by Jason Hodde
8 Women’s View: Ultra Race Directing 101 by Karen Shiley
9 Ultra Race Directing: A Primer for Pessimists by Don Allison
12 Global News and International Commentary by Andy Milroy
52 Middle of the Pack: David Lygre by Greg Loomis
52 Twenty-Something: Bethany Hunter by Ian Torrence

2 Chatter
57 UR Letters
58 UR Calendar

COVER Bethany Hunter.