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UltraRunning April 2004


34 Special Section: Ultrarunning in the U.K.
35 British Ultrarunning: An American Expat’s Perspective by Siri Terjesen
39 The Long History of British Ultrarunning by Andy Milroy
42 Women’s View: From London to Brighton by Ellen McCurtin
45 Land’s End to John o’ Groats by Alan Firth
48 Fell Racing on the Ben Nevis by Bob Kopac
50 The Grand Canal: Moorhens and a 145-Mile Race by Alicja Barahona
52 UR Profile: American in London Siri Tergeson

4 Experiment of One: Race Selection, Goal Setting, and Race Planning for a 100-Mile by Shawn McDonald
8 The Younger Ultrarunning: Ryne Melcher by Ian Torrence
10 Middle of the Pack: Ben Holmes by Greg Loomis

AT THE RACES reports and results
12 HURT 100 Mile and 100 Km
16 Susitna 100 Mile and Little Su 50 Km
18 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
19 Bandera 100 Km and 50 Km
20 El Paso Franklin Mountain Trail Runs
21 ETU 50 Km
22 Mount Mitchell 40 Mile
24 Holiday Lake 50 Km
26 Mountain Mist 50 Km
28 Jed Smith 50 Mile and 50 Km
30 Purisima Woods 50 Km and 45 Km
32 Uwharrie 40 Mile
32 Las Trampas 50 Km
33 MTC 50 Km

2 Chatter
55 UR Calendar

Annette Bednosky, first woman in the Mount Mitchell 40 Mile.