UltraRunning April 2006


12 Wayne Miles: Courageous Californian by Carol Terracina Hartman
15 Meltzer and Anderson-Abbs Put the HURT on Course Records in Hawaii by John Salmonson
22 Paceco Flies to Near Record 13:16 at Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
26 UR Profile: Rocky Raccoon Champion Jorge Pacheco
28 Mountain Mist: The Trail Wins Again by Dink Taylor
32 Mount Cheaha 50 Km: “Alabama’s Toughest Trail Run” Emerges
72 Well Done, My Friend, Well Done: Gary Taylor Neel, 1954-2006 by Rusty Shelton
74 Ralph Balsano, 1947-2006
75 Seventy Something: The Time of Your Life by Hal Winton

Winter Ultras
50 Racing through Heaven and Hell at the Arrowhead 135 by John Storkamp
53 Adventure Racers Battle Quest Trail in the Yukon by Jessica Simon
56 Conditions Turn Tough at Susitna 100 Mile by Ron Nicholl
58 American Scott Smith Triumphs in Antarctica

4 Women’s View: “G’day” from “Down Under”: A “Fair Dinkum” Account of Ultrarunning Paradise by Siri Terjesen
6 Experiment of One: Ultrarunning and the Effects of Aging by Shawn McDonald
10 Nutrition and the Ultrarunner: Using the Scale to Determining Your Optimum Hydration Needs by Sunny Blende, M.S.

34 Holiday Lake 50 Km
36 Silver Comet 100 Km and 50 Km
36 Jed Smith 50 Km and 50 Mile
38 Orange Curtin 100 Km and 50 Km
39 Avalon Benefit 50 Mile
40 Pemberton 50 Km
41 ETU 50 Km
41 Capitol Peak Mega Fat Ass
41 Frozen Ass 50 Km
42 West Texas Jackrabbit Rally 28.5 Mile
43 MTC 50 Km
45 Mount Mitchell 40 Mile
46 Delaware 100 Mile
46 Swamp Stomper 50 Km
46 Paint Creek 50 Km
47 Calico 50 Km
47 Uwharrie 40 Mile
47 Carborro 50 Km
48 Cross Timbers 50 Mile
48 White Rock 50 Km

2 Chatter
60 UR Calendar

Cover: Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile winner Jorge Pacheco.

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