UltraRunning April 2009


In this issue
19 Two Extraordinary Women
20 Ten Questions-Dean Karnazes
22 Understanding Lactate Threshold
24 Training For Your First 50-Miler
26 Nutrition-Recovery After Training Runs
28 All-Time North American Ultra Bests
40 Mile 11/Indian Creek to Quigley-Hank Dart
42 Poetry From Motion-Hank Dart
43 View From the Open Road
44 Calendar
51 Milestones
52 Profile-Mary Gorski
76 Run Gently Out There

Adventure races
29 Two Oceans
30 Namibian 24-Hour Ultramarathon
31 The Coastal Challenge
32 Fuego Y Agua
33 Columbia Cruce De Los Andes
34 Six Foot Track Marathon
35 West Highland Way/Scotland
36 A Run Across New Hampshire
37 Chattanooga Stage Race
38 Arrowhead 135
39 Brazil 135

Feature races
8 Caumsett 50K
10 Orcas Island
14 Rocky Raccoon

Race results and reports
53 Black Warrior
58 Cape Cod Frozen FA50
59 Dances With Dirt – Green Swamp
53 Dry Rock Ridge
66 East Texas Ultra Runners 50K
54 Hagg Lake Trail Runs
53 Hilo to Volcano
64 Holiday Lake
53 ICY-8 Hour Adventure Trail Run
60 Jed Smith
61 John Dick Memorial Crusty
53 Las Trampas
58 Lookout Mountain 100K
72 LOST 118 Mile
63 Lovin the Hills
67 Moab’s Red Hot 50K
53 Montana de Oro 50K
72 Mount Mitchell Challenge
55 Mountain Mist
68 Pemberton Trails
62 Pier Park
62 Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run
57 Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty
70 Susitna 100/Little Su
53 Yukon Arctic Ultras

Dorothy Hunter, Greg Zaruba, David Emch and Joseph Shearer heading down to a creek crossing at Holiday Lake
photo by Andrew Wilds

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