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UltraRunning June 2005


4 Running Physiology: It’s All in Your Head-Or is it? by Rick Lovett, courtesy of New Scientist
12 UR Profile: Behind the Camera and on the Move: Elite Adventure Ultrarunner Charlie Engle by Gordon Wright
14 UR Profile: Guillermo Medina: Always Improving by Ian Torrence
56 UR Profile: Colorado’s Stephanie Ehret
58 UltraRunning Book Reviews

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner by Dean Karnazes
London to Paris the Hard Way by Andy Mouncey
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston
The Fastest Hike: Quest For The Pacific Crest Trail Record by Raymond Greenlaw

61 Confessions of a Non-Ultrarunner by John Cross
62 Who are we? A Paradoxical Explanation of Ultrarunning by Dr. Rowly Brucken
75 Downhill to the Finish: Defining Friendships Over the Long Haul of Ultras by Garett Graubins

16 American River 50 Mile
20 Avalon Benefit 50 Mile
22 Diablo 50 Km and 50 Mile
24 Ruth Anderson 100 Km, 50 Mile, and 50 Km
25 Stevens Creek 50 Km
26 Lake Hodges 50 Km
26 Rucky Chucky Roundabout 50 Km
28 Umstead 50 Mile and 100 Mile
32 Bel Monte 50 Km
34 Bull Run Run 50 Mile
36 Chicago Lakefront 50 Km
38 McNaughton Park 30 Mile, 50 Mile, and 100 Mile
39 Rockin’ K 50 Mile
40 Grasslands 50 Mile
42 Syllamo Three-Day Stage Race
42 BPAC Six Hour
44 Ouachita Trail 50 Mile and 50 Km
45 Hogs Hunt 50 Km
46 Don’t Run Boston 50 Km
48 Pacific Rim One Day Run
50 Greenland Trail 50 Km
52 Diez Vista 50 Km
53 Oak Mountain 50 Km
53 Peterson Ridge 35 Mile
54 Run to the Sun
55 Copper Canyon 50 Km

6 Experiment of One: Heat Training by Shawn McDonald
8 Women’s View: Where is She Now? Chasing Down Women’s Ultrarunning Pioneersby Siri Tergesen
10 On the Go: Running Clothing for Hot and Cold by Ed Tyanich

2 Chatter
3 UR Letters
64 UR Calendar

Cover Photo: A solitary runner at Colorado’s Greenland Trail 50 km. Photo by Jan Ingebrigtsen.