UltraRunning November 2006


November 2006

13 The Running Man from Baltimore: Content not to Race by Linnell Smith
15 Young Oregonians Hal Koerner and Ashley Idema Prevail at 20th Anniversary Angeles Crest 100 Mile by Hal Winton and Ken Hamada
17 UR Interview: Angeles Crest Champion Hal Koerner
20 2006 Wasatch Front 100 Miles: “Couldn’t Ask For A Nicer Day” by John Moellmer
23 Remembering a Humble and Gentle Champion by Kevin Cassidy
24 One Tough Cat: Chasing the Cheetah by Garett Graubins
26 Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Rocks and Rolls by Bob Metzger
28 Superior Sawtooth: From a Hospital Bed to the Winner’s Circle by Sean Andrish
31 The Snow Bear by Leland Barker
71 A Tribute to Artic Joe by Joe Oakes

33 Plain 100 Mile
35 Lean Horse Ultras
37 Haliburton Forest 100 Mile
38 Grand Teton Races
39 John Muir Trail
42 Swiss Jura
45 Golden Gate Headland 50 Km
48 Cle Elum 50 Km.
49 GLER 100 Km and 50 Km
49 Flatlanders 12 and 6 Hour
52 North Country 50 Mile
52 Tartur 50 Km
52 Pisgah 50 Km
54 Green Lakes Endurance Runs
55 McKenzie River 50 Km
56 More and More Difficult 50 Km
58 Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile
59 Groundhog 50 Km
60 Badgerland FX 24 Hour and 12 Hour
60 Berryman 50 Mile
61 San Juan Solstice 50 Mile

4 Experiment of One: The Sharpening Phase by Shawn McDonald
9 On the Go: 2006 Holiday Gift Guide by Ed Tyanich
11 Women’s View: Ultraru8nning in Middle America by Mary Gorski
71 View From the Open Road: Solitude by Gary Cantrell

2 Chatter
62 UR Calendar
72 UR Briefs

Cover Photo: Marcia Glass, during an end-to-end trek of the 211-mile John Muir Trail. Photo by Steve Glass.

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