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January 2016
UltraRunning Jan/Feb 2016

ON THE COVER: Men’s Ultrarunner of the Year David Laney of Ashland, Oregon, cruising to a win at the Chuckanut 50k in March. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama features The Year in Review by Tropical John Medinger Interviews with the 2015 Ultrarunners of the Year

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December 2015December 2015

ON THE COVER: Scott Breeden clawing his way to the top of a gnarly climb named Rat Jaw at the Barkley Fall Classic 50k in Tennessee. Breeden went on to win the race and set a new course record. Photo: Brandon Yonke features Behind the Lens by Erika Lin

201511-coverNovember 2015

ON THE COVER: Runners enter the Trout Creek aid station (mile 79) at Silverheels 100 in Fairplay, Colorado, as a meteor shower dazzles overhead. Photo:Jeff Genova features Running Light Review by Donald Buraglio 10 Keys to Race Directing by John Meding

October 2015October 2015

Adam Campbell (foreground) and Kilian Jornet share some early miles together at Hardrock 100. Adam would go on to finish third for the second year in a row and Kilian impressed everyone with another win and course record. Photo: Alexis Berg/Grand Trail

September 2015September 2015

Adam Campbell (foreground) and Kilian Jornet share some early miles together at Hardrock 100. Adam would go on to finish third for the second year in a row and Kilian impressed everyone with another win and course record. Photo: Alexis Berg/Grand Trail

August 2015August 2015

Oldest and youngest female finishers Gunhild Swanson and Katie Trent basking in the glory and adoration that greeted them at the finish line of Western States 100. Photo: Ted Knudsen, Courtesy of Western States 100   features Sleep, Run, Repeat by

July 2015July 2015

Stephanie Howe runs a speedy and impressive race to set a new Lake Sonoma women’s course record. Photo: Bob MacGillivray features Sleep, Run, Repeat by Allison Harvey Achieving Flow State by Fred Surgent Ultrarunner Profile: Bill Dodson Ultrarunner Pro

May/June 2015May/June 2015

ON THE COVER: Antelope Canyon runners float above the course while taking in the stunning beauty of the canyons. Photo: Jack Jewell Features The Efficiency Factor in Running by Joe Friel The Top Hydration Packs for 2015 by Donald Buraglio Antelope Cany

April 2015April 2015

ON THE COVER: Dylan Bowman, with Jorge Maravilla on his hip, blazing the trail at Terawera 100k where the two Mill Valley, CA residents dominated the race and finished first and second, respectively. Photo: Lyndon Marceau Features Training and Racing i

March 2015March 2015

On the Cover: A fiery sunset erupts in front of Heartland veteran Elden Galano.  Photo: Rick Mayo/Mile 90 Features 17 Training for the Long Run by Scotty Mills 21 The Most Competitive Ultra Races of 2014 20 WOOL RUNNING APPAREL REVIEW by Donald Buragli

January 2015UltraRunning Jan/Feb 2015

ON THE COVER: Ultrarunner of the Year Ellie Greenwood celebrating her massive win at Comrades last June. Photo: MMPhotoSA Marius Bezuidenhout Special Section 25 The Year in Review by John Medinger 28 Interviews with the 2014 Ultrarunners of the Year 30

2014-12-coverUltraRunning December 2014

On the Cover: A glorious fall day on the trails at the 10th anniversary of Blues Cruise 50K in Pennsylvania. Photo: Jim Blandford   The Long View News And Notes Nutrition, Training & Racing ASK ANN | Should I Have a Pacer? by Ann Trason NUTRIT

2014-11-coverUltraRunning November 2014

The Long View News and Notes Nutrition, Training & Racing ASK ANN | Bike to Run, by Ann Trason NUTRITION | Aid Station Basics, by Sunny Blende ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Comrades: The Ultimate Human Race, by Ellie Greenwood FROM THE COACH | The Ultrarunn

October 2014UltraRunning October 2014

THE LONG VIEW | The Limits of Human Potential News and Notes Nutrition, Training & Racing ASK ANN | Buy Local by Ann Trason NUTRITION | Gut Check by Jill Puleo ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Racing, Race, Race by Ellie Greenwood FROM THE COACH | Performing Y

September 2014UltraRunning September 2014

THE LONG VIEW | On Injuries and Aging NEWS AND NOTES Nutrition, Training & Racing NUTRITION | Recovery Nutrition by Sunny Blende ASK ANN | Do Not Make Your DNF a DNL! by Ann Trason ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Why the Marathon? by Ellie Greenwood FROM THE

August 2014UltraRunning August 2014

THE LONG VIEW | How Do You Like Your Drama? NEWS AND NOTES Nutrition Training & Racing NUTRITION | Endurance Recovery Product Review by Sarah Koszyk ASK ANN | Blisters and Other Little Things by Ann Trason ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Cross-Training by Ell

July 2014UltraRunning July 2014

THE LONG VIEW | The Ultra Community LETTERS, NEWS AND NOTES Nutrition, Training & Racing NUTRITION | Endurance Fuel Review by Sunny Blende RECIPE | Summer Smoothie by Heather Stadnisky ASK ANN | Race Questions by Ann Trason ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Mid

May/June 2014UltraRunning May/June 2014

On the cover:  Lisa Henson and Diane Wilson head north toward a plethora of mesas, buttes and spires on the “Windows Loop” of the Monument Valley 50. Photo: Jack Jewell. May/June table of contents 4 » THE LONG VIEW | Doing Your Best 6 » Letters, News A

April 2014UltraRunning April 2014

On the Cover Jodee Adams-Moore floating to a win in Moab Photo: Ed Hirsch/Myke Hermsmeyer 4 » THE LONG VIEW 6 » LETTERS, NEWS & NOTES Nutrition, Training & Racing 8 » RUNNING WISE | Big Horn Race Preview by Gary Dudney 10 » NUTRITION | Cookbook

March-2014UltraRunning March 2014

IN THIS ISSUE On the cover: Gary Robbins getting some extra elevation at HURT 100. Photo: Angel King/Angel King Productions 6 » NEWS AND NOTES 8 » RUNNING WISE | Race Preview – Miwok 100K by Gary Dudney 10 » NUTRITION | Protein – Last Nutrient Standing

Jan/Feb 2014UltraRunning Jan/Feb 2014

ULTRARUNNING JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014 On the Cover Rob Krar, Men’s Ultrarunner Of The Year, at The North Face championships in Marin County (Photo Lori Clayton) IN THIS ISSUE 6 » NEWS & NOTES 8 » RUNNING WISE | Race Preview – Zion 100 by Gary Dudney 1

December 2013UltraRunning December 2013

Train and Recover by Ian Sharman, Run Rabbit Run, Fat – A Refresher Course

CaptionUltraRunning November 2013

Superior 100, Wasatch 100, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and lots more

s1790UltraRunning May-June 2013

Nueces 50, Three Days of Syllamo, Crazy Desert Trail Race, Graveyard 100 and lots more ….

t1786UltraRunning April 2013

Tucson Snow, The Coastal Challenge,Lantau – Hong Kong, Run Across Illinois and lots more ….

t1782UltraRunning March 2013

2012, The Year In Review, Huff 50K, Bandera, Mark Twain 100 and lots more

t1767UltraRunning January-February 2013

Vermont 50, JFK 50, Quad Dipsea, Rio del Lago and lots more

t1764UltraRunning December 2012

Cascade Crest 100. The Bear, Oil Creek and lots more

November 2012UltraRunning November 2012

A History of the JFK 50, Leadville 100, Run Woodstock, Wasatch Front 100 and lots more

September 2012UltraRunning September 2012

What Is A “Fat Ass” Race, Massanutten, Hardrock 100, Badwater 135 and lots more

August 2012UltraRunning August 2012

Western States 100, San Diego 100, Mohican and lots more

July 2012UltraRunning July 2012

Umstead, Bull Run Run, Miwok 100K and lots more

May/June 2012UltraRunning May-June 2012

Comrades King, High Altitude Training, Holiday Lake 50K, Way Too Cool 50K and lots more

t1660UltraRunning April 2012

Beginner’s Corner – The DNF, Rick Bothwell’s 1,000-mile Quest, Mountain Mist, Antarctic Ice Marathon 100K and lots more

March 2012UltraRunning March 2012

Medical Update – Stress Fractures and Bone Loss in Distance Running, Bandera, Lookout Mountain, Stone Mill 2011 in Review and lots more

t1623UltraRunning January-February 2012

Poetry My Path, Midwest Grand Slam, Oil Creek 100, Tussey Mountainback and lots more

t1610UltraRunning December 2011

The Ballad of Ol’ James the Ultrarunner, Nutrition Alcohol and the Ultrarunner, The Bear 100, Vermont 50 and lots more

t1597UltraRunning November 2011

Nutrition Probiotics for Peak Performance, Escarpment Trail Run – 35 Years On, Cascade Crest, Superior 100 and lots more

t1588UltraRunning October 2011

One Hundred Miles After A Stroke, Angeles Crest 100, Leadville Trail 100 and lots more

t1566UltraRunning September 2011

Next Gen Ultrarunner, Hardrock Panorama, Vermont 100 Endurance Race, Afton Trail Run and lots more

t1539UltraRunning August 2011

30 Years of Sports Nutrition, Beginner’s Corner – Tapering, Massanutten 100, Mohican 100 and 50, Western States 100 and lots more

t1527UltraRunning July 2011

The Buckle, Nutrition – The Magic Box, Umstead, Bull Run Run, Miwok 100K and lots more

t1494UltraRunning May-June 2011

URs 30th Anniversary, North American Multi-Day Bests, Chuckanut, Gorge Waterfalls and lots more

t1476UltraRunning April 2011

Nutrition – Periodization, Evolution of Ultra – Northeast, Rocky Raccoon, Psycho Wyco and lots more

t1464UltraRunning March 2011

In this issue 14 Nutrition – Dental Care On The Run

t1444UltraRunning January-February 2011

Beginner’s Corner, Cool Weather Running, Oil Creek, JFK 50 and lots more

t1427UltraRunning December 2010

My Relationship With Food, Embracing The Snow, Run Woodstock, 24 Hours of Boulder/Boulder 100 and lots more

t1411UltraRunning November 2010

Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, Kilian Jornet Interview, Angeles Crest, Wasatch Front and lots more

t1389UltraRunning October 2010

Beginner’s Corner – Recovery, Sunrise Over the Grand Canyon, Tahoe Rim Trail, Leadville Trail 100 and lots more

t1378UltraRunning September 2010

Beginner’s Corner – Speed Work, Freedom Run, Kettle Moraine 100, Badwater 135 and lots more

t1324UltraRunning August 2010

Beginner’s Corner: Overtraining and Burnout, How Long is Really Really Long?, Massanutten, Western States and lots more

t1305UltraRunning July 2010

Medical Update – Rhabdomylosis and Renal Failure, Hall of Fame Induction, Bull Run Run, Marathon des Sables and lots more

t1279UltraRunning May/June 2010

Beginner’s Corner – Running Through the Night, All Time North American Ultra Lists, Barefoot Running – Is It for Me?, Umstead and lots more

t1262UltraRunning April 2010

Beginner’s Corner, Nutrition, Rocky Raccoon, Moab’s Red Hot 50K+ and lots more

t1237UltraRunning March 2010

Beginner’s Corner – The Long Training Run, Medical Update – Responsible Drinking, Pinhoti 100, HURT 100, The Year In Review and lots more

t1217UltraRunning January-February 2010

Beginner’s choice – your first ultra, Javelina Jundred, JFK50, Quad Dipsea and lots more

t1209UltraRunning December 2009

Beginner’s corner, Zero to Fifty, Calendar, Bear 100, Blue Sky 50K and lots more

t1194UltraRunning November 2009

Read those labels, Training too hard, Cascade Crest Classic, Grand Slam and lots more

t1172UltraRunning October 2009

Beginner’s Corner – Hill Training, Book Review – Born To Run, Speedgoat 50K, Stormy 100 and 50 and lots more

t1167UltraRunning September 2009

Ten Questions for Karl Meltzer, Beginner’s Corner – Shoes and Clothing, Book Review – The Runner’s Body, Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run and lots more

t1131UltraRunning August 2009

Nutrition – Caffeine’s Ergogenic Powers, Adapting to Altitude, Western States, Kettle Moraine and lots more

t1116UltraRunning July 2009

Beginner’s Corner – Aid Stations, View From the Open Road, Bull Run Run, Miwok 100K and lots more

t1089UltraRunning May-June 2009

Beginner’s corner, Nutrition, Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50, Lake Sonoma and lots more

t1071UltraRunning April 2009

Two Extraordinary Women, Understanding Lactate Threshold, Namibian 24-Hour Ultramarathon, Six Foot Track Marathon and lots more

t1049UltraRunning March 2009

View From the Open Road, Pacific Coast Trail Runs, High Desert Ultra, The 2008 Year in Review and lots more

t981UltraRunning January-February 2009

Chris Scott Interview with Eric Clifton, All About Ankles, Quad Dipsea Collage, Javelina Jundred and lots more

t966UltraRunning December 2008

Cool New Gear, The Bear, Great Eastern Endurance Run, 12 and 24 Hours of Momentum and lots more

t961UltraRunning November 2008

The Grand Slam Recap, Sally Brookings, Wasatch Front 100, Lost Soul Ultras and lots more

t944UltraRunning October 2008

Nutrition – How Much Sugar Can We Stomach?, Burning River 100, Leadville Trail 100, Mason Dixon Longest Day Challenge and lots more

t921UltraRunning September 2008

Training – Interview with Phil Maffetone, Milestones, Badwater, Vermont 100, Big Butt 50 and lots more

t900UltraRunning August 2008

Training–Mid-Season Adjustments, Nutrition, The Accidental Ultra, Western States and lots more

t886UltraRunning July 2008

Bikram Yoga for runners, Core strengthening, Marathon Des Sables and lots more

t852UltraRunning May 2008

View from the open road, heat training, Old Pueblo 50 Mile, Croom 50 Mile and lots more

t851UltraRunning April 2008

Running the OCA, Grand Canyon Adventure, Ultra(wo)man Hawaii and a lot more

t848UltraRunning March 2008

A tribute to Ted Corbitt, Ancient Oaks 100, Woodside 50K and lots more

t826UltraRunning January-February 2008

In this edition: A Small Price to Pay, Rocky Mountain Slam, Run Gently Out There and lots more

t805UltraRunning December 2007

Notes in the Margin, Nutrition, A Perspective On Sri Chinmoy and lots more

a794UltraRunning November 2007

Circling the Bronx, Science of Running, Milestones, Angeles Crest and lots more

t784UltraRunning October 2007

Ultra Puzzle, Science Of Running, Leadville 100 25th Anniversary, Ancient Oaks 100 and lots more

t763UltraRunning September 2007

100 Milers, Western States, Vermont, Hardrock and lots more

t735UltraRunning July/August 2007

Racing To the Limits of Our Abilities, The Older Ultrarunner, 1,079 Miles on the Ice Age Trail and lots more

t716UltraRunning June 2007

New Day for Ultrarunning Sponsorship, 10 Tips for Downhill Trail Running, UltraRunning Q & A and lots more

t715UltraRunning May 2007

Regis Shivers, Desert Running Gaining Popularity, Nutrition and the Ultrarunner and lots more

t693UltraRunning April 2007

The Older Ultrarunner, The Younger Ultrarunner, Dog Days in Costa Rica, A Winter’s Run Across a Massive Lake and lots more

t669UltraRunning March 2007

Brain Training For Marathons And Beyond, 2006 North American Ultra Lists, Biggest Races by Category and lots more

t621UltraRunning January-February 2007

Spartathlon: A Journey of History, Up and Down in the Himalayas, Mother Road 100 Mile and lots more

t620UltraRunning December 2006

Why Don’t More Young Runners Run Ultras, The Older Ultrarunner, A Tale of Two Hundreds, Arkansas 100 Mile and lots more

t601UltraRunning November 2006

The Running Man from Baltimore, 2006 Wasatch Front 100 Miles, Chasing the Cheetah and lots more

t590UltraRunning October 2006

Leadville 100 Mile Winner Tony Krupicka, A Run Through Machus Picchu, A Run Through Machus Picchu and a lot more

t583UltraRunning September 2006

Western States Endurance Run, Vermont 100 Mile, Kettle Moraine 100 Mile and a lot more

t515UltraRunning July/August 2006

Mount Kilimanjaro Record Setter Simon Mtuy, Susan Gimbel, Q and A With Multi-Day Standout Trishul Cherns and a lot more

t495UltraRunning June 2006

Ultrarunning and the mind, Building a Positive Mind-Body Connection, Nutrition and the Mind, Across Ireland: 620 kilometers in Six Days and lots more

t470UltraRunning May 2006

25 Years of Ultrarunning – 1981 – 2006, Twenty-Five Years Of Evolving Sports Nutrition, Why Northern California is the Sport’s Mecca and lots more

t457UltraRunning April 2006

Wayne Miles: Courageous Californian, Mount Cheaha 50 Km, Seventy Something and lots more

t452UltraRunning March 2006

2005 UR runners of the year, Ten years ago in UR, Biggest races by category and lots more

t426UltraRunning January-February 2006

Featured: Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile Winner, Kouros Does it Again, Women’s View and a lot more

t416UltraRunning December 2005

Featured: Ultrarunning in Canada, The Northwest Passage, Vermont 50 Mile and 50 Km and a lot more

t392UltraRunning November 2005

Featured: Journey Runners, Appalachian Trail Record-Setter, A Year of Running in the Big Easy, and a lot more

t371UltraRunning October 2005

Featured: Leadville 100 Mile, Kiehl’s Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon, Ultra Adventures in Central Asia, and a lot more

t317UltraRunning July – August 2005

Featured: Colorado Trail Runner Erik Solof, Running With The Wind Eagle, Middle of the Pack: How They Train, and a lot more

t298UltraRunning June 2005

Featured: Running Physiology, Book Reviews, Confessions of a Non-Ultrarunner, American River 50 Mile and a lot more

t281UltraRunning May 2005

Featured: Muscle Damage and Post-Race Hydration… Rules for Staying Injury-Freeby …Don’t Be Grumpy on the Trail, and a lot more

t262UltraRunning April 2005

Featured: Retiring from Ultra Running….Dare to Dream….Pura Vida Costa Rica and a lot more

t234UltraRunning March 2005

Featured: UltraRunning’s Runners of the Year…2004 North American Ultra Lists…The Toughest of the Tough …20 Years Ago in UltraRunning…and much more

t188UltraRunning Jan-Feb 2005

Featured: Up and Coming Massachusetts Ultrarunner Todd Walker . . . Multi-Day Stage Races . . . Seeking a Peak Experience at the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race . . . Six Days in Chile . . . Jungle Marathon . . . and much more

t155UltraRunning December 2004

Featured: Running in Sin… UR Profile: World 100 Km Champion Mario Ardemagni … Ultrarunning in Japan … How an Aussie Does Hundreds … Angeles Crest 100 Mile …Experiment of One: Training for a 24 Hour: Part 1… and much more

t133UltraRunning November 2004

Featured: NC ultrarunner Ann Heaslett … A Lively Weekend at the Canadian Death Race … Cascade Crest Classic, Angeles Crest, Superior Trail … McKenzie River Bridge 50 Km … Protein in Sports Drinks … and much more

t11UltraRunning October 2004

Featured: NC ultrarunner Annette Bednosky … 93 hours on the John Muir Trail … The Middle Fork of Idaho’s Salmon River … Chipmunks at the Hoosier 200 … Plantar fasciitis … and much more

t10UltraRunning September 2004

Featured: Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run … Mohican 100 Mile winner Eric Grossman … Can ultras make you sick? … Six Bridges: The wonder of it all … and much more

t135UltraRunning July-Aug 2004

Featured: Garret Graubins … Adventure Run: Baghdad Badwater … Body Basics: Blisters by Jason Hodde … Boulder On The Go 24 Hour … Old Dominion 100 Mile … and much more

t38UltraRunning June 2004

Ron Kovacs, an embodiment of courage … Beverly Anderson-Abbs … The North Pole Marathon … 24 hours on Dog Mountain … Tim Twietmeyer … How many calories are you really burning? … Run smart, run safe … and much more

t80UltraRunning May 2004

24 Hours on the Wonderland Trail, The Delicious Details of Obsession, At races – Way Too Cool 50 Km, Uncool 50 Km, Rucky Chucky 50 Km, Experiment of One: Questions — and Answers by Shawn McDonald and losts more

t136UltraRunning April 2004

Featured: Siri Terjesen… British Ultrarunning: An American Expat’s Perspective … Experiment of One: Race Selection, Goal Setting, and Race Planning for a 100-Mile… HURT 100 Mile and 100 Km … Las Trampas 50 Km … and much more

t137UltraRunning March 2004

Featured: Fat Ass 50s – Big Sky Wind Drinkers … UltraRunning’s Runners of the Year… Experiment of One: Training for a 100 Mile by Shawn McDonald … Maine Track Club 50 Mile and 50 Km … and much more

t138UltraRunning Jan-Feb 2004

Featured: Uli Steidl … UR Profile: World Class Ultrarunner … The Middle of the Pack: The Texas Two by Greg Loomis… Experiment of One: Transition Training by Shawn McDonald …Whiskeytown 50 Km … and much more

decembersmUltraRunning December 2003

FEATURES 10 UR Profile: U.S. 100 Mile Champion Tim Clement 12 UR Bio: Scott Creel: A Professor and a Champion 16 UR Interview: Jim O’Brien by Larry Gassan 57 Adventure Run: Gobi March 2003: The Race of No Return by Rob Byrne 70 A New Leash on Life by G

novsmUltraRunning November 2003

FEATURES 19 Burquas, Bandits and Bad Water: Ultra Training in Central Asia by Tim Halder 48 Seven Days on the San Juan Huts Trails by Bill Edmonds 56 Across Europe on Foot: 5,100 Kilometers from Lisbon to Moscow by Jurgen Ankenbrand AT THE RACES report

OctoberSmallUltraRunning October 2003

FEATURES 12 DNF: When Success is a Three-Letter Word by Garett Graubins 16 UR Profile: Georgia’s Ragan Petrie 64 Northern California Ultras: Training Ground for Western States by Rob Byrne 66 Adventure Run: 87 Days on the AT by Diane Shivers AT THE RAC

septsmUltraRunning September 2003

FEATURES 26 UR Profile: Colorado Mountain Ultrarunner Karl Meltzer 61 An Ultrarunning Triple Play: From Jet Lag to Sore Legs by Mark Godale 76 Who Are You? by Ruth Marie Milliman AT THE RACES reports and results 12 Western States 100 Mile 21 Hardrock 1

JulySmallUltraRunning July/August 2003

FEATURES 10 Pavement and Dirt: Ultrarunning in New York and Colorado by Garett Graubins 30 UR Profile: Reno, Nevada’s Jenny Capel 32 Tribute to a Friend – Gail Snyder and Steve Smucker 66 Adventure Run: 90 Degrees North, for 42 Km by Helmut Linzbichler

JuneSmallUltraRunning June 2003

FEATURES 6 Big Apples and Oranges: Comparing the Gotham Ultra Scene to Colorado by Garett Graubins 12 UR Profile: Up and Coming Virginia Ultrarunner Sean Andrish 72 Back Page: Photos by Corey Linkel AT THE RACES reports and results 14 Umstead 100 Mile

MaySmallUltraRunning May 2003

FEATURES 6 Melanoma: A Case for Early Detection by Gail Marino ADVENTURE RACING 40 Ultrarunner to Adventure Racer in Six Months by Gordon Wright 42 UR Profile: Ultrarunner and Adventure Race Director Dan Barger 46 Smooth Transition: From Ultrarunning t

aprilsmUltraRunning April 2003

FEATURES 14 Where Are They Now? Sandra Kiddy by Garett Graubins 42 Adventure Run: Not Your Average Badwater to Whitney Run by Blake P. Wood 46 UR Book Review: My Own Medicine: A Doctor’s Life as a Patient by Geoffrey Kurland, M.D. by Mark Roberts 48 24

marchcoverSMUltraRunning March 2003

FEATURES 53 UltraRunning’s Runners of the Year Runners of the Year | Performances of the Year | Top 10 World Ultrarunners | Age Group Performances | A Look Back 2002 North American Ultra Lists 61 Inside the List: JFK 50 Mile Winner Jim Hage 66 Inside t

janfebcoverSMUltraRunning January/February 2003

FEATURES 14 UR Profile: Badwater Champion Pam Reed 16 The Anatomy of a Record by Alex Tilson 50 Ride and Tie: In This Race, It’s O.K. to Take a Ride by Sara Lavender Smith 52 Adventure Run: The Glasshouse 50 Mile by Phil Brown 54 Adventure Run: Going S

decsmUltraRunning December 2002

AT THE RACES reports and results 20 Mountain Masochist 50 Mile 23 Edmund Fitzgerald 100 Km 25 Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile 28 The Bear 100 Mile 29 The Heartland 100 Mile 32 Flat Rock 50 Km 33 Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Mile 36 Cuyamaca-Laguna 50 Km 38 L

novsmUltraRunning November 2002

FEATURES 38 ULTRARUNNING IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST 39 The Pacific Northwest: An Ultrarunner’s Haven by Ron Nicholl 40 Just Plain Tough: The Plain 100 Mile by Tom Hayes 42 A Letter from the Cascade Crest 100 by Dan Bratches 44 Patience Pays for Wieck at

octsmallUltraRunning October 2002

FEATURES 10 UR Profile: Ohio’s Connie Gardner 51 Adventure Run: A Tall Grass Odyssey by J.D. Haines, M.D. Leadville Trail 100 Mile 12 Ricklefs’ Record Highlights Leadville’s 20th Anniversary by Jeff Dick 13 Redemption and a Course Record by Chad Rickle

septsmallUltraRunning September 2002

FEATURES 5 Experiment of One: Developing a Run/Walk Strategy by Kevin Setnes 6 One Ultrarunner’s Formula for Walking Breaks by Jeff Hagen 26 UR Profile: Western States 50 and Over Record Holder Nancy March 69 First Person: The World Cup 100 Km AT THE R

JulyAugustSmUltraRunning July/August 2002

FEATURES 10 Product Review: Timex Speed + Distance System by Thomas Perry 12 Excelling in Two Worlds: Gallaudet University President King Jordan 54 Badwater Turns 25: Inside the World’s Longest, Hottest, Toughest, Baddest Endurance Race by Roy Wallack

junesmUltraRunning June 2002

FEATURES 15 UR Book Reviews Programmed to Run by Thomas Miller, PhD The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running by Adam Chase & Nancy Hobbs To the Edge: A Man, Death Valley, and the Mystery of Endurance by Kirk Johnson Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon

maysmUltraRunning May 2002

FEATURES 13 Structural Integration by Lana Lensman 14 UR Profile: Alabama’s DeWayne Satterfield 48 Adventure Run: The White Rim Trail by Bruce Hoff 61 A Soaring Spirit by Katie Willson 63 Where Are They Now? In His Own Words: Steve Warshawer by Richard

aprilsmallUltraRunning April 2002

FEATURES 44 Adventure Run: Report from the Glasshouse 100: Teamsters, Goannas, and Post Race Nuptials by Carol LaPlant 48 Adventure Run: The First Ever South Pole Marathon by Richard Donovan AT THE RACES reports and results 12 HURT 100 Mile and 100 Km

marchsmUltraRunning March 2002

FEATURES 52 Adventure Run: Desert Days by David Seys 54 Adventure Run: A Ray of Light from Staten Island by Gail Marino 57 UltraRunning’s Runners of the Year 61 One Voter’s Ballot by Ed Parrot 62 UR Profile: Anne Riddle 64 2001 North American Ultra Lis

janfebsmUltraRunning January/February 2002

FEATURES 10 UR Interview: Triple Crown Hiker Brian Robinson 16 UR Profile: Up and Coming Texas Ultrarunner Scott Eppelman 54 Worlds Away – A Trek to Remember: Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race by John Joseph 58 Trailwalker 100 Km: An International Adventur

decsmallUltraRunning December 2001

FEATURES 12 UR Profile: Hardrock Champion Betsy Kalmeyer 17 The 100 Milers 18 Arkansas Traveller 20 Angeles Crest 24 Bear 100 26 Rio Del Lago 29 Heartland 30 Plain 100 64 Adventure Run: A Franco-Italian Fun Fest by Dan Whittemore 66 The Middle of the P

novsmallUltraRunning November 2001

FEATURES 6 Ultrarunning: Before, During & After September 11 6 August 26, 2001: The World Challenge, Cleder, France by Anne Riddle 9 September 11, 2001: The Sri Chinmoy Ultra Trio, Wards Island, New York by Sahishnu Szczesiul 10 September 15, 2001: Ola

octsmallUltraRunning October 2001

FEATURES 4 Vox Cursor How do you feel about the strict enforcement by race directors of cut-off times and disqualifications for not following the exact course? Should there be room for discretion, or strict enforcement? 15 Adventure Run: Run Across Vie

septsmallUltraRunning September 2001

FEATURES 10 UR Profile: Arizona’s Dennis Poolheco, Hopi-Tewa Native American 14 The Benefit of Talking During Ultras by Ed Phillips, Scott Lind, and Dennis Leitner 16 How to Do It: The Grand Canyon Rim to Rim by Cathy Tibbetts 18 Adventure Run: The Del

julyaugsmUltraRunning July/August 2001

FEATURES 10 UR Profile: Southern California’s Shannon Farar-Griefer 14 UR Book Review Racing the Antelope by Bernd Heinrich 15 UR Interview: Racing the Antelope Author Bernd Heinrich 18 Adventure Run: The Marathon Des Sables by Cathy Tibbetts 21 Advent

june01smUltraRunning June 2001

FEATURES 8 Eye on the Trail: Contact Lenses by Cathy Tibbetts 10 UR Profile: Colorado’s Hal Koerner 14 A Cautionary Tale of the Heart: John Clark, 1942-2001 by Abe Underwood 15 A Successful Tale of the Heart: Back in the Running by Ed Wehan 62 Race Pre

may01smUltraRunning May 2001

FEATURES 5 Twenty Years of UltraRunning 6 Twenty Years Later: How Ultrarunning Has Changed by Don Allison 12 How It All Got Started by Fred Pilon, Stan Wagon, and Nick Marshall 14 Where Are They Now? First UR Cover Subject Bill Devoe by Nick Marshall 1

april01smallUltraRunning April 2001

FEATURES 8 UR Profile Up and Coming Midwestern Ultrarunner Gwen Heist 51 The Fat Ass 50s 54 Race Preview Laurel Highlands 70 Mile by Steve Jensen 68 Norm Demonstrates How NOT to Dress for an Ultra 11 UR Special Feature: Adventure Running 12 Fulfilling

march01smallUltraRunning March 2001

FEATURES 47 The Fat Ass 50s 52 Race Preview Ice Age 50 Km/50 Mile by Stan Jensen 54 Runners of the Year 58 100-Mile Trailblazers Monica Scholz and Hans-Dieter Weisshaar 58 UR Interviews 63 The Forgotten Runners by Fred Holmes 64 Vox Cursor: What do you

januaryfebruary01smallUltraRunning January/February 2001

FEATURES Adventure Runs The Great Wall 100 Km: “Welcome to Beijing” by Raymond Bell Going Solo in the Cold Foot 100 by Oakley Cochran UR Profile Ultrarunner and Adventure Racer Lisa Smith New UltraRunning Column Twentysomething: Why We Do It by Ian Tor

may-1981-coverUltraRunning May 1981

Download a PDF of the first issue of UltraRunning Magazine. May 1981