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John Medinger is the Publisher of UltraRunning magazine. A retired investment banker, he had previously worked as a business development manager and as a chemical engineer. He holds degrees from Oregon State University and MIT. John took up running in 1974 and ran his first ultra in 1980. He has now completed more than 130 ultras – most of them in California, but also in places as diverse as New Zealand and Scotland. Never an elite runner, he was somewhat faster than average early in his career but now finds himself materially closer to the back of the pack. John is the founder of the Quad Dipsea race, which he continues to direct, and also founded the Lake Sonoma 50. He has served on the Board of Trustees of the Western States 100 since 1992. (Photo upper left by akabill) Email: johnm@ultrarunning.com.

Tia Bodington is the Managing Editor of UltraRunning magazine. She started her running career early, competing as a hurdler in the first California State Meet at which girls were allowed to participate. Bodington went on to receive a language degree from U.C. Berkeley in 1978 (and ultimately an ESL credential) and worked as a translator for a French bank, then supervised the print production department for a pharmaceutical advertising agency. She became a full-time mother and community volunteer in 1988, with a weekly news radio broadcast at Broadcast Services for the Blind in San Francisco and countless hours in the local schools. Tia ran her first ultra in May, 2000 and has won races at the marathon, 50-km, 50-mile and 100-mile distances, although injury (and long work hours) have curtailed her race participation for the past few years. Tia is race director of the Miwok 100K. (Photo upper right by akabill) Email: tiab@ultrarunning.com.

Lisa Henson is UltraRunning's General Manager. As such, she handles customer service, subscriptions and advertising. Lisa grew up in Los Angeles and Half Moon Bay, California, and is a graduate of San Francisco State. She is a former bar owner, licensed securities trader, and manager of a venture capital office. She ran her first ultra in 1996 at Run on the Sly, and has subsequently completed several 100-mile races and Badwater 135. (Photo middle left by John Medinger) Email: lisah@ultrarunning.com.

John Morelock writes the "Run Gently Out There" column. An almost retired mirage analyst, he has previously worked as a baker, wool gatherer, and nature lecturer. Morelock took up running on August 17, 1984 at 4:30 in the afternoon and ran his first ultra in 1986. He has now completed several ultras – most of them in the Pacific Northwest, but also in places as diverse as Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Arkansas. He established his trail running credentials early by successfully returning to the trailhead where he had left the car on many training runs in the Olympic and Cascade Mountains. Largely unfocused as a racer, he managed a victory in each of his first two decades of running ultras, one at the 100k distance and one at the more standard 34.5 miles. Now, with time slipping by, philosophical meandering and trailside distractions have led to less racing and more running. He lives on Whidbey Island in Washington state with his wife, Kathy, who took him on a different ultra in 2004; a 600ish mile trek across Spain. (Photo middle right by John Medinger) Email: john.solstitial@gmail.com.

Sunny Blende, M.S. is a Sports Nutritionist who writes and counsels individuals and teams on fueling for enhanced performance and making healthy food choices. Currently she writes the nutrition column for UltraRunning magazine and runs ultras herself. She has presented at the National RRCA Convention, the National Rowing Convention, Nike San Francisco Marathon Expo, and the Runners World San Francisco Marathon and worked as an assistant with the Los Angeles Marathon Association. An avid master competitor herself, she trains and competes in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Sunny received her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Southern California and her Masters in Human Nutrition degree from University of New Haven. (Photo at left, by Luis Escobar) Email: sunny@eat4fitness.com.

Gary Cantrell writes the "View From the Open Road" column. Gary has written for UltraRunning more or less continuously since his column "From the South" first appeared in Volume 1, Number 1 back in May of 1981. He is perhaps most well-known as the founder of the Barkley, a trail race in eastern Tennessee. (Although some would comment that it isn't really a race, and others would add that those aren't really trails.) He is also the founder of the Strolling Jim 40 Mile and periodically organizes a 314-mile run across Tennessee, the Vol State Road Race. He is currently the race director of the Backyard Ultra. October will be the third year, second year with the 4.167 miles every hour. In the real world he works as an accountant. (Photo at right, courtesy of Washington Post) Email: drystoneman@hotmail.com.

Gary Dudney writes the “Beginner’s Corner” column. A native of Kansas, he followed his Polish wife to a job located in Monterey, California in 1982 and signed on as a Technology Project Manager at CTB/McGraw-Hill. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he had landed in the center of prime Northern California ultrarunning territory. Over one hundred ultras later, he still finds every race a fresh and unique experience, evident in the dozens of quirky race reports he’s submitted to UltraRunning over the years. He’s published numerous articles on running in Runner's World, Running Times, Trail Runner, American Fitness, Walkabout, and Marathon & Beyond. He’s also published a raft of short stories in magazines such as Boys’ Life, Highlights for Children, Boys' Quest, and several lit magazines. (Photo bottom left, courtesy of Anna Dudney). Email: gdudney@comcast.net.