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Browning, Tompkins Win at San Diego 100

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Mount Laguna, California, June 10. Jeff Browning and Shawna Tompkins were winners of the 12th annual San Diego 100, held in the mountains about an hour east of the city center. Both runners led throughout most of the race. Tompkins, who finished sixth overall, cruised to a four-hour win over the second woman, Ronda Sundermeier.

The race features about 21,000 feet of vertical and is mostly run between the Pacific Crest and Lake Cuyamaca at 4000-6000 feet above sea level. Runners were treated to ideal weather, with starting temperatures in the mid-40s, warming to the mid-70s on the lower part of the course. Sunday proved warmer, but most of the runners were on the higher part of the course as the last 20 miles is mostly on the Pacific Crest Trail. Nonetheless, the strong sun at elevation and lack of shade created uncomfortably warm conditions. Of the 189 starters, 131 finished within the 32-hour time limit.

1. Jeff Browning, 40, Bend, OR, 16:38:59 (course record, old record 18:00:15 by Dylan Bowman, 2011)
2. Adam Hewey, 44, Seattle, WA, 17:54:01
3. Tim Long, 44, San Francisco, CA, 19:01:38
4. Christophe Sigel, 40, San Diego, CA, 19:28:35
5. Jason Hynd, 37, Oak Harbor, WA, 20:22:25

1. Shawna Tompkins, 40, Mt Vernon, WA, 20:43:05
2. Ronda Sundermeier, 45, Tigard, OR, 24:36:03
3. Lindsay Scheiwiller, 30, Sedona, AZ, 24:52:55
4. Jeri Ginsburg, 53, San Diego, CA, 25:11:32
5. Gretchen Evaul, 35, San Diego, CA, 26:43:14

Full results are available at http://www.sandiego100.com/2012%20Runnersplits.pdf

Above: Jeff Browning. Below: Shawna Tompkins. Photos by Glenn Tachiyama.