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Dipali Cunningham Wins Self-Transcendence Six-Day Race

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New York, NY, May 4. Dipali Cunningham, a native of Melbourne, Australia now living in Washington, DC, won the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Six-Day Run in New York City,
which concluded on May 4. It was the eleventh consecutive year that Cunningham has won the women’s race at this event, and the second time that she has been the outright winner.
John Geesler of St. Johnsville, New York topped the men’s field.

Madhupran Schwerk of Germany won the concurrent ten-day event, with Slovakia’s Kaneenika Janakova finishing first among the women.

Mileage totals were held down by a spate of bad weather. Participant Mark Dorion described the conditions as brutal, with arctic winds and several days of heavy, cold rain.


Women: 1. Dipali Cunningham, 49, Washington, DC, 467 miles; 2. Barbara Sorrell, 50, Delmar, NY, 319; 3. Uljana Jevdokimova, 53, Kerava, Finland, 276.

Men: John Geesler, 49, St. Johnsville, NY, 433 miles; 2. Igor Mudryk, Kalush, Ukraine, 429; 3. Pranjal Milovnik, 35, Bratislava, Slovakia, 375.


Women: Kaneenika Janakova, 38, Bratislava, Slovakia, 667 miles; 2. Ivana Nemcova, Prague, Czech Republic, 634; 3. Lenka Svecova, Brno, Czech Republic, 614.

Men: 1. Madhupran Schwerk, 52, Solingen, Germany, 829 miles; 2. Achim Heukemes, 56, Grafenberg, Germany, 701; 3. Vladimir Balatsky, 36, Vienna, Austria, 660.