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Gellin, Stewart Set Records at Way Too Cool

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Cool, California, March 10. Gary Gellin and Tyler Stewart broke course records at the 23rd annual Way Too Cool 50K, the nation's largest 50K race. Gellin, of Menlo Park, California, outlasted 2001 Ultra Runner of the Year Rich Hanna for the win. It was only the second ultra Hanna has run in the past decade. A fast-closing Jacob Rydman finished third. The course has been modified four times in its history, most recently in 2010. Uli Steidl holds the event record of 3:17:03, set in 2003.

Stewart, from Novato, California, set the fastest time ever recorded by a woman on any of the four routes. She overtook early leader Caitlin Smith after about 12 miles and pulled away for a large win. Megan Laib finished second and Smith held on for third.

The race was run under ideal conditions with a temperature of 45F at the start, warming to the low 60s by mid-afternoon. There were a record 702 finishers.

1. Gary Gellin, 43, Menlo Park, CA, 3:27:45 (course record, old record 3:28:01 by Mike Wolfe, 2011)
2. Rich Hanna, 47, Sacramento, CA, 3:30:12
3. Jacob Rydman, 27, Rocklin, CA, 3:34:09
4. Shaun Martin, 30, Chinle, AZ, 3:36:08
5. Rod Bien, 39, Bend, OR, 3:41:44

1. Tyler Stewart, 33, Novato, CA, 3:49:41 (course record, old record 4:02:25 by Joelle Vaught, 2011)
2. Megan Laib, 31, Santa Monica, CA, 4:00:46
3. Caitlin Smith, 31, Oakland, CA, 4:05:51
4. Ashley Arnold, 25, Carbondale, CO, 4:07:48
5. Rory Bosio, 27, Soda Springs, CA, 4:08:34

Photos: Tyler Stewart, left (courtesy ClifBar). Gary Gellin, right (courtesy Inov8)