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Geoff Roes and Besty Nye Win at Wasatch

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Midway, Utah, September 7. Geoff Roes of Douglas, Alaska won the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, which finished here today. Roes ran with recent Vermont 100 champ Andy Jones-Wilkins and Jack Pilla
for most of the first half of the race before opening a small lead after Lambs Canyon, mile 53. By Brighton Lodge at mile 75, Roes' lead had increased to 28 minutes and he pulled away for a 90-minute win.
Jones-Wilkins edged Pilla for second. 1999 winner Leland Barker was fourth.

Tahoe City, California's Betsy Nye won the women's race for the fifth time, finishing 41 minutes ahead of Susan Brozik of Albuquerque. Nye enjoyed a small lead throughout much of the race, but Brozik closed to
within one minute at Brighton. Nye pulled away on the climb up Catherine's Pass and held on for the win.

Runners enjoyed nearly perfect weather, with ample sunshine and generally mild temperatures except for a bit of warmth at the lower-lying areas near Lambs Canyon between miles 50 and 55.

1. Geoff Roes, 32, Douglas, AK, 20:01:07
2. Andy Jones-Wilkins, 40, Ketchum, ID, 21:31:51
3. Jack Pilla, 50, Charlotte, VT, 21:47:43
4. Leland Barker, 50, Smithfield, UT, 21:58:17
5. Larry O'Neil, 42, Salt Lake City, UT, 22:20:08

1. Betsy Nye, 43, Tahoe City, CA, 25:36:54
2. Susan Brozik, 41, Albuquerque, NM, 26:23:54
3. Jean Coulter, Aspen, CO, 36, 29:22:11
4. Heidi Bennett, 31, Salt Lake City, UT, 29:50:52
5. Sarah Evans, 35, Alta, UT, 30:21:04

Full results are available at http://www.wasatch100.com/results2008/Finishers.aspx