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Koerner and Africa Win at Hardrock

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Silverton, Colorado, July 14. Hal Koerner of Ashland, Oregon won the 19th annual Hardrock 100, posting the third fastest time in the history of the event. Koerner pulled away from Dakota Jones and Joe Grant on the long downhill on Camp Bird Mine Road at about mile 40 and continued to hold a small lead of a few minutes through Sherman aid station at mile 71.8. Between Sherman and Maggie's Gulch (mile 85.3), Koerner extended the lead to 40 minutes, but Grant finished in a rush to close to within 16 minutes at the finish line.

Four-time champion Diana Finkel built a large lead in the women's race, up to nearly 90 minutes by Grouse Gulch (mile 58.4). But late in the race she began to develop rhabdomyolosis symptoms and withdrew at Maggie's Gulch, mile 85.3. She was reported to be fine a day later. Darcy Africa, running strongly in second, took over the lead at that point and was never threatened. Rhonda Claridge of Ophir, Colorado finished second and Bend, Oregon's Darla Askew completed an impressive Western States/Hardrock double by finishing third.

Of the 140 starters, 98 finished within the 48-hour time limit. Runners were treated to generally good weather, partly cloudy and mid-60s for the most part. There were two periods of mountain thunderstorms, in the 5th and 37th hour, each lasting about an hour.

1. Hal Koerner, 38, Ashland, OR, 24:50:13
2. Joe Grant, 28, Gold Hill, CO, 25:06:30
3. Dakota Jones, 21, Durango, CO, 25:45:05
4. Nick Pedatella, 26, Boulder, CO, 28:03:31
5. Ted Mahon, 39, Aspen, CO, 28:40:10

1. Darcy Africa, 36, Boulder, CO, 29:09:47
2. Rhonda Claridge, 44, Ophir, CO, 32:43:53
3. Darla Askew, 39, Bend, OR, 33:52
4. Krissy Moehl, 34, Boulder, CO, 36:36
5. Leah Fein, 32, Durango, CO, 38:09

Left: Hal Koerner approaching Telluride at mile 27.
Right: Darcy Africa, two miles from the finish.
Below: Grants Swamp Pass, mile 18.
(photos by John Medinger)