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Koerner, Howard Set Course Records at Javelina

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Fountain Hills, Arizona, November 13. Hal Koerner of Ashland, Oregon and Liza Howard of San Antonio, Texas set course records in winning the 9th annual Javelina Jundred at McDowell Mountain Regional Park northeast of Phoenix. Runner-up Evan Honeyfield, the recent winner of the Wasatch Front 100, was also under the old course record. Runners enjoyed mild, sunny conditions, with a high temperature of 73F and an overnight low of 53.

1. Hal Koerner, 35, Ashland, OR, 13:47:46 (course record, old record 14:20:54 by Dave James, 2009)
2. Evan Honeyfield, 31, Idaho Falls, ID, 14:01:00
3. Jay Aldous, 50, Brighton, UT, 15:20:57
4. Mark Matyazic, 47, Irvine, CA, 16:34:20
5. Jay Smithberger, 42, Granville, OH, 17:01:12

1. Liza Howard, 39, San Antonio, TX, 15:47:00 (course record, old record 17:11:32 by Jamie Donaldson, 2010)
2. Brenda Corona, 49, Escondido, CA, 19:54:39
3. Linda Pulver, 51, Mason, MI, 20:24:55
4. Ronda Sundermeier, 44, Tigard, OR, 21:16:52
5. Jess Mullen, 36, Seattle, WA, 21:57:43

174 runners finished with the 30-hour time limit. Complete results are available at http://aravaiparunning.com/results/2011JJResults100m.htm

Photo: Hal Koerner cruising in the Arizona desert (courtesy runitfast.com)