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Mackey and Smith Win at Miwok

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Sausalito, California, May 7. Dave Mackey continued his impressive streak of wins by besting a stellar field at the 16th annual Miwok 100K. Pam Smith held off fellow Oregonian Meghan Arbogast for the women's win.

Mackey pulled away from Mike Wolfe and Hal Koerner on the steep climb out of Pirates Cove in the 56th mile and held on for a narrow victory. A large pack of runners were at the front for much of the first half of the race, and six runners were still together at the Randall Aid Station at mile 34. After the 7 mile climb back to Bolinas Ridge, Aaron Heidt and Dan Olmstead had fallen off the pace, but the top four (Mackey, Wolfe, Koerner, and Dakota Jones) were still shoulder to shoulder. Six miles later Jones had dropped off by about a minute, and the remaining three stayed together until Mackey's dramatic late-race move.

Arbogast led the women to the turn-around, with Smith and Krissy Moehl in hot pursuit. Smith made her move on the climb up to Bolinas Ridge and maintained a narrow lead to the finish.

Of the 345 starters, 287 finished on the hilly run just north of San Francisco. It was sunny and mild, with temperatures mostly in the upper 50s, but with blustery winds hampering the runners throughout much of the day.

1. Dave Mackey, 40, Boulder, CO, 8:03:22
2. Mike Wolfe, 33, Helena, MT, 8:06:00
3. Hal Koerner, 35, Ashland, OR, 8:06:55
4. Dakota Jones, 20, Fort Collins, CO, 8:18:01
5. Aaron Heidt, 35, Vernon, BC, 8:36:29

1. Pam Smith, 36, Salem, OR, 9:39:57
2. Meghan Arbogast, 50, Corvallis, OR, 9:45:35
3. Krissy Moehl, 33, Seattle, WA, 9:55:56
4. Helen Cospolich, 34, Breckenridge, CO, 10:18:34
5. Ragan Petrie, 45, Arlington, VA, 10:24:01

Photos. Top left - a lead pack of 14 approaches the Rodeo Beach Aid Station at mile 7. (front row, left to right: Yassine Diboun, Mike Wolfe, Dave Mackey)
Below left - Meghan Arbogast finished second in the women's race at age 50 - and beat all the 50+ men in the process.
Above right - Women's winner Pam Smith flies down a very scenic last mile, with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in the background.
Below right - Ian Sharman finished tenth, wearing an Elvis costume the entire way.

(all photos by John Medinger)