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UR News Home > Features > UR News > Martin, Beck Win Fiercely Waged Battles at Chuckanut 50K

Martin, Beck Win Fiercely Waged Battles at Chuckanut 50K

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Bellingham, Washington, March 20. Andy Martin and Susannah Beck won tight races at the 18th annual Chuckanut Ridge 50K. Martin passed Erik Skaggs at about the halfway mark and pulled away to a three-minute win. Adam Campbell finished strong to take third.

Susannah Beck took a large early lead and held off a fast-closing Ellie Greenwood for the win. Both women finished under the previous course record. 287 runners finished the unofficial season opener of the Pacific Northwest racing season.

Photos by Glenn Tachiyama.

1. Andy Martin, 35, Normandy Park, WA, 3:49:39
2. Erik Skaggs, 27, Ashland, OR, 3:52:23
3. Adam Campbell, 30, Victoria, BC, 3:52:29
4. Joseph Grant, 26, Portland, OR, 3:56:30
5. Hal Koerner, 34, Ashland, OR, 3:56:50

1. Susannah Beck, 41, Eugene, OR, 4:19:33 (course record, old record 4:23:27 by Nikki Kimball, 2004)
2. Ellie Greenwood, 31, Banff, AB, 4:19:46
3. Lia Slemons, Seattle, WA, 30, 4:25:59
4. Nicola Gildersleeve, 25, North Vancouver, BC, 4;35:56
5. Meghan Arbogast, 48, Corvallis, OR, 4:36:29