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Miller and Judd Win Altered Bighorn 100

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Dayton, Wyoming, June 18. Zach Miller and Emily Judd were winners at the 10th annual Bighorn 100, which was held on an alternative route due to high snow levels. Miller led from early in the race, and cruised to a comfortable victory. The big drama was for second place, with Nick Pedatella overtaking Adam Hewey late in the race for the runner-up spot.

Judd gradually pulled away from runner-up Rhonda Claridge to win by an hour.

The course, which starts at 4000 feet and normally tops out at 8900 feet in elevation, was snowed in above the 7000-foot level. The middle 20 miles of the course were replaced with two out-and-back sections below the snow line. There were 109 finishers within the 35-hour time limit.

1. Zachariah Miller, 35, Bozeman, MT, 19:13:09
2. Nick Pedatella, 26, Boulder, CO, 21:37:44
3. Adam Hewey, 43, Seattle, WA, 21:41:50
4. Jon Robinson, 32, Seattle, WA, 22:14:16
5. Corey Hanson, 34, Bellevue, CO, 22:21:42

1. Emily Judd, 29, Bozeman, MT, 23:40:54
2. Rhonda Claridge, 43, Ophir, CO, 24:40:04
3. Gwen Scott, 44, Seattle, WA, 25:40:40
4. Kari Fraser, 44, Boulder, CO, 27:08:35
5. Cheri Redwine, 44, McMinnville, OR, 28:54:07

Complete results are available at http://www.bighorntrailrun.com/2011results.html

Photo above left: snow covering much of the middle part of the normal Bighorn 100 course (photo by Michael Powers)