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Roes and Garneau Win at American River

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Auburn, California, April 10. Geoff Roes of Douglas, Alaska and Tracy Garneau of Vernon, British Columbia were the winners at the 31st annual American River 50 Mile from Sacramento to Auburn.

Roes pulled away from a highly competitive men's field to take the win. Sixteen men came through the marathon mark in under 2:55, but the field started to break up as the runners left the bike path and hit the trail at about the 28 mile mark. Garneau, who won the HURT 100 earlier this year, was an easy winner, finishing more than 30 minutes ahead of runner up Pam Smith.

The weather provided ideal racing conditions with overcast skies and temperatures in the 50s throughout the day. Of the 622 starters, 577 runners finished within the 13-hour time limit.

1. Geoff Roes, 33, Douglas, AK, 5:49:59
2. Andrew Henshaw, 24, Colorado Springs, CO, 5:56:02
3. Max King, 30, Bend, OR, 6:01:17
4. Mike Wolfe, 32, Bozeman, MT, 6:03:13
5. Andy Martin, 35, Eugene, OR, 6:07:15

1. Tracy Garneau, 41, Vernon, BC, 6:43:14
2. Pam Smith, 35, Salem, OR, 7:14:21
3. Anne Hitchcock, 31, Auburn, CA, 7:27:29
4. Suzanna Bon, 45, Sonoma, CA, 7:30:20
5. Diana Fitzpatrick 51, Larkspur, CA, 7:33:21