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Roes Breaks Another Course Record at Mountain Masochist

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Lynchburg, Virginia, November 9. Geoff Roes of Douglas, Alaska continued his stellar year by breaking the course record at the 27th annual running of the Mountain Masochist 50-mile run. Roes easily outpaced Lon Freeman of Kensington, California for the win. It was Roes fifth win and fifth course record of 2009.

Canadians dominated the women's race as Tamsin Anstey of Deep Cove, British Columbia finished 30 minutes ahead of fellow British Columbian Nicola Gildersleeve.

The Mountain Masochist race is part of the Montrail Ultra Cup Series. The top two male and female runners each received automatic entries into the 2010 Western States 100. There were 227 finishers in all.

1. Geoff Roes, 33, Douglas, AK, 6:27:55 (new course record, old record 6:48:31 by Dave Mackey, 2003)
2. Lon Freeman, 34, Kensington, CA, 6:58:25
3. Gary Robbins, 32, North Vancouver, BC, 7:00:28
4. Valmir Nunes, 45, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 7:12:17
5. Jeremy Ramsey, 33, Lynchburg, VA, 7:33:33

1. Tamsin Anstey, 29, Deep Cove, BC, 8:09:07
2. Nicola Gildersleeve, 25, North Vancouver, BC, 8:39:53
3. Heather Fisher, 23, Blacksburg, VA, 8:47:00
4. Annette Bednosky, 42, Jefferson, NC, 8:56:46
5. Ginger Smith, 39, New York, NY, 9:08:08