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Semick, US Women Take Gold at IAU World Cup 100K

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Torhout, Belgium, June 20. Kami Semick of Bend, Oregon won the women's race and led the American women to the team title at the IAU World Cup 100K championships held here today. Semick's teammates Devon Crosby-Helms and Meghan Arbogast finished fourth and fifth respectively. Semick took the lead from Italy's Monica Carlin just before the 40km mark and pulled away steadily from there, beating Russian Irina Vishnevskaya by nine minutes in a time of 7 hours, 37 minutes, 23 seconds. Semick averaged 7:20 per mile for the entire 100 kilometers (62.2 miles). Crosby-Helms became the eleventh American woman to break the 8-hour barrier.

Yasukazu Miyazatu of Japan was the men's winner, edging Jonas Buud of Sweden by a little over a minute. Giorgio Calcaterra of Italy had the day's fastest finish, closing five minutes on the leader in the last 20km, but finished third, 15 seconds back of Buud. Japan also won the men's team title, edging out the Italians. Michael Wardian finished sixth in the men's race for the top American showing.

1. Yasukazu Miyazatu, 30, JPN, 6:40:43
2. Jonas Buud, 35, SWE, 6:41:49
3. Giorgio Calcaterra, 37, ITA, 6:42:04
4. Marco Boffo, 34, ITA, 6:45:38
5. Takahashi Masakazu, 36, JPN, 6:51:17
6. Michael Wardian, 35, Arlington, VA, 6:53:16
19. Todd Braje, 33, McKinleyville, CA, 7:15:12
34. Howard Nippert, 44, Pembroke, VA, 7:40:05
39. Darren Froese,49, Saskatoon, SK, 7:50:27
40. Darin Bentley, 39, Surrey, BC, 7:50:27

1. Kami Semick, 43, Bend, OR, 7:37:23
2. Irina Vishnevskaya, 27, RUS, 7:46:25
3. Monica Carlin, 38, ITA, 7:53:57
4. Devon Crosby-Helms, 27, Seattle, WA, 7:59:17
5. Meghan Arbogast, 48, Corvallis, OR, 8:04:28
7. Carolyn Smith, 44, Milwaukee, WI, 8:07:02
19. Connie Gardner, 46, Medina, OH, 8:42:37