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Sumie Inagaki Breaks Women's 48-Hour Record

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Surgeres, France (May 23). Sumie Inagaki of Nagoya, Japan broke her own women’s world record for 48 Hours at the Surgeres, France event with a distance of 397.103 (246.748 miles). Ryoichi Sekiya, from Kanagawa, Japan, won the men’s race with a distance of 407.966 km (253.498 miles).

1. Ryoichi Sekiya, Japan, 253.498 miles
2. Mikael Heerman, Finland, 237.56
3. Lars Christoffersen, Denmark, 231.748

1. Sumie Inagaki, Japan, 246.748 miles (new world record, old record 237.81 miles, Sumie Inagaki, 2008)
2. Mamie Kudo, Japan, 225.373
3. Galina Eremina, Russia, 211.123